How To Pursue Your Passion Without Going Broke


The current theme of my life is “investing“. I’m investing on my health which is why I’m doing Pilates; I’m investing on this blog which is why I’m diligently updating it; I’m investing on my relationship with my husband which is why we’re having breakfast dates regularly now. In a sense, my “investing” is to…

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To My Kids’ Wowo: Happy Birthday!


My Papa is a man of few (or none at all!) words so I’ll keep this post short and sweet. Growing up, I favored my Papa more because he never scolded me even if I did a lot of stupid adolescent decisions. You may perceive him to be the “weaker” parent but I’ll beg to…

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The Shape Shop: Flattering Functional Fitness Fashion for Every Body


10 sessions in for Pilates class, hooray! I can feel the effects already – not getting tired easily, less backaches, and I feel stronger. I haven’t experienced any problems as I did before when I was going to a regular gym. Ten sessions in and one thought leveled up: if you can perform, all the more to…

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