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Mothering Realizations this Pandemic

We like labels to define our motherhood journey – breastfeeding mom; stay-at-home mom; working mom; etc.

Somewhere along the way, I didn’t want to have a label anymore. I just wanted to be a mom that my children needs.

And this weighed more now than ever.

You see, while I’m mothering a tween and an incoming grade schooler (!!!), I’m also going through (pre)midlife. So it’s a lot of hormones, changes, realizations, tears, and lessons. Good luck nalang to my husband, hehe!

Because my kids are changing, the way I mother them should also change. Because I am changing, I should also be welcoming of the changes happening around me.

I have to accept that my kids are growing up to be their own person. That they have their own strengths and capabilities and I’ve to step back a little to let them discover what works best for them. And if they fail, that will not make me a bad mother. And if they achieve something great, that will not make me good mother. I shouldn’t base my mothering skills on their achievements because what they do, is all them.

How then will I know if I’m doing the right thing? Only my kids can say <3

Cheesy Chessy

One Year in ODL

We’ve survived one year of home-based online learning! Wooohooo!

Sharing what we learned and what worked for us.

  • More than academics, life skills were learned

Independence, responsibility, time-management… the list could go on. I especially enjoyed plotting our weekly schedule because they also gave inputs on what to do during their free time.

One important life skill that really mattered this time is that grades are just numbers or letters. What good is an A if you do not understand the lesson enough to share it with me?! Also, a failing score is better than having someone do your project for you or cheat on a quiz.

  • Deeper appreciation for the teachers and school

Being a teacher before, I know how hard it is to prepare for a class. What more an online class!! I really saw how the teachers translated their lessons to presentations in order for the kids to continue learning. In Y’s school, the teachers produced most of their videos on their own so grabe talaga sa effort! Yes, there may be a lot of room for improvement but with what I saw the past year, I’m at ease with the coming school year.

Cute din that Y and some of her classmates were teary-eyed and crying during their last day of class. Goes to show that a connection can still be formed even when you just see each other through Zoom.

I also told them that when they are in their Zoom classrooms, all their queries should be directed to the teacher. If I were in the same room with them, I’ll have my AirPods on so that I will not mind them.

  • Collaboration is key

As expected, parents played a big part in the schooling. What I did was in every project, whether it was a video, drawing, activity sheet, I’d try my best not to correct them but ask them “are you happy with your work?”. I know most of the time they say yes just to not do it again but then they’ll learn the consequences if ever they missed out on some items.

  • Japorm to perform

This seems trivial but definitely helped the kids get in that school-mode. Their schools just gave guidelines on what to wear but I made sure that they would not wear house clothes in class. And shoes!! They outgrew most of their clothes anyway so this was a way to be able to use them.

  • It was a balancing act

This became easy because both kids like following a schedule. I didn’t have a hard time prying them away from their gadgets because they know that it’s included in their routine as long as they get to finish their tasks.

For me, I learned that even though I can get them to do school work all the time, I shouldn’t. They’re still kids and play should always be a priority.

One more year of this! But for now, we’ll enjoy the break 🙂

Cheesy Chessy

Quarantine v.2

It’s been a year since my last post but the scenario didn’t change that much. Really planning to update this blog to get mileage from the hosting hehe. But there’s just a lot to do with ODL, decluttering, and home life.

So… just planning to dump my daily thoughts here… to keep me writing. Hopefully, this will keep me going. And to be able to use the new MacBook more, hehehe!

But do follow me on Instagram because most of the time it’s easier to update 🙂