No Yaya, No Problem!


This has been the hashtag of my life since December 2016: #noyayanoproblem. Surprisingly, a lot of my friends do not employ a nanny/helper as of late. I’m not really sure why, but there’s a shortage of amiable and reliable helpers around. Add to that the list of horror stories involving nannies like stealing, kidnapping and…

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Z’s Nursery Recognition Day


A few weeks ago, we received a letter from Z’s school that he was a medalist candidate and would need to take the medalist test. I was over the moon proud of my little boy! But during the Recognition Day, his name wasn’t on the list of medalist awardees. I would be lying if I…

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ExpoKid 2017 Discoveries


Summer’s fast approaching! That means it’s time for the kids to explore what’s beyond the four corners of the classroom. Here are a few discoveries we made when we visited ExpoKid last week that you might want to check out: In this day and age, learning how to make a computer work is a must….

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