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“Welcome to the Milk Mama Diaries Carnival (February). For this month, we focus on back to basics. Participants will share advices – either the best breastfeeding advice they received OR/AND the best breastfeeding advice they can give to new moms. Please scroll down to the end of the post to see the list of carnival entries.”

If you think breastfeeding is between a mom and her child, I’ll prove you otherwise. When we got pregnant, I made the decision to breastfeed knowing its health benefits and the amount of money we could allot for other things than formula. My husband was cool about it (especially the financial part) but the rest of the family, well, they were a bit apprehensive. No water?! No bottles?! No vitamins?! How will the baby survive?!

Being the nerd that I am, I read and read articles and blog entries regarding breastfeeding. I surely learned a lot! We also attended Breastfeeding 101 at the Medela House (where I diligently took down notes!) We then shared these pieces of information to the rest of the family. I could’ve made a brochure or newsletter but they might think I’m going nuts (but I now think it’s a good idea!)

Fortunately, everyone embraced the idea. My MIL bought me clothes suitable for breastfeeding, some aunts shared websites that talk about breastfeeding, my BILs knew the tell-tale signs when the baby wants to nurse. My dad got me malunggay chips and my FIL always sent viands with the miracle veggie in it. Whenever we will eat out, they would always make sure that we are seated where I could breastfeed comfortably. You get the gist… 🙂

So my advice dear mommies, get everyone involved in your breastfeeding journey! The more they know about what’s going on, the more that they’ll be supportive and sensitive. Share what you know to the people around you and your baby. Be upfront with your plans. The saying “it takes a village to raise a child” holds true, even with a breastfeeding baby 🙂



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33 replies on “We’re all in this together!”

Wow! I didn’t know extended families could be so involved with the decision to breastfeed! (We’re based in Sri Lanka and basically it’s just hubby, me and baby!) But I do agree that their support goes a long way! Good on you for getting their buy-in and their goodies 🙂

You are very lucky to have such a supportive family!!!! It’s really best to get the people around you involved in terms of how they can help mommy and baby breastfed successfully. My favorite is my husband used to fed while I feed B when he was a newborn and nursing round the clock 🙂

True, the whole family must be involved in breastfeeding. In my case it was hard in the beginning and it’s an endless struggle unless you wean. Hard work but it will pass. As I always say to my family, the baby will not be baby forever, right? 🙂

congratulations on having a very supportive family! and not just immediate family!! – even your extended family was very supportive! they really do make a difference in the success of the breastfeeding relationship 😀

My parents used to be apprehensive about me breastfeeding my kids. They didn’t know the benefits so who could blame them. When they saw how healthy and smart my kids are, they’re thoughts on breastfeeding have totally changed. Now it is easier to go about it than ever.

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