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Randomity 1.1

I’ve been busy with a lot of things lately hence the lack of updates on my little blog. Actually, I got pending posts but I’m slacking with the photos. It’s hard to update the blog on the iPad. I’ve to switch on the laptop to upload the photos faster. Anyhoo, I’ve to post those soon or else they’ll be irrelevant.

So here’s what’s happening to me…

We went to the pedia for Z’s 4th month well-baby check up… 4 months! That was fast! I’m happy everything’s in tip top shape 🙂 my baby boy is on the heavy side but it’ll all be exercised away when he’s crawling and walking and running… We were also given the go signal to travel on April! Hello HK!

Been experimenting in the kitchen for new viands. So far, we got korean chicken bbq, steamed chicken in oyster sauce, hawaiian baby back ribs and taco beef and cheese. Happy tummy!

I’m currently addicted with Temple Run! I got my first million yesterday and it’s taking over my free time! I’ve managed to play while Z is sleeping on my chest! I’ve just been having nightmares of the demon monkeys chasing me though!

It’s the weekend again folks, what are you up to?! 🙂

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