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Happy 5th Month, Z!

5th Month Cookies!

At the start of your 5th month, you can do so much already!

  • You’ve discovered the joy of rolling over from your back to your tummy. Don’t worry, little one, you’ll know what to do with your arm soon. You’re also doing mini-crawls as you straighten your legs and move your upper body left and right.
  • Whenever Ate Nida would carry you, you will do that face that says “let me jump!”. Once your jumping in the air, your face shines of happiness. You’re also learning to have rests in between active plays.
  • Aside from crying, you are making new noises as if you’re talking to us already! There was also a time you were talking in your sleep! I like it when your noises vary in pitches, lengths and syllables!
  • There are times that you want to stand up already! It’s a little pinch on my heart because it means you won’t like to be carried around too much!
  • You’re fascinated with your toys already. We’ve introduced Scout, your talking dog, and he likes to call you Ryan! I think you should get used to be called by your whole name.
  • Everything you hold goes in your mouth! But your favorite thing to munch on is your fingers! Your pointer has blisters already :/
  • Your favorite book is still “Eyes and Nose, Fingers and Toes”. You always laugh at the sight of Cookie Monster. Oh, you’re also learning to turn the pages!

I’m excited for the coming days baby boy! Soon, you’ll be crawling and cruising, eating solids and hopefully calling me! But, no pressures my dear, take your sweet little time growing up, Mommy will always be with you every step of the way.

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