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Z Loves: Safety 1st’s Warm Me Shower and Bath

Image from John Engler, Flickr

Since day 1, bath time has always been a fun time for Z and I. He’s never, ever cried during a bath! It may be because of the familiar Mozart playing in the background, my sense of calmness transcending onto him, or the ease of using his baby bath tub.

We’re using a Safety 1st Warm Me Shower and Bath that my husband bought in SM Megamall that costs around P3,000 (oh, and after he bought it, I had premature contractions leading to my confinement… just goes to show that Z is so eager to use it!). It looks like a normal tub with an additional contraption for a shower. It comes with a padded cloth where the baby is put down. Here’s why we love it…

  • It is really easy to use. Just fill the shower contraption with water, give it a little pumping and let air pressure do the rest. No batteries required.
  • Up until Z can hold his head steadily, he was carried over the tub. Now, he sits comfortably in the tub on a padding.
  • With the water being readily available, I can go through bath time alone. But because I’m a worry wart, I don’t.
  • It is easy to clean and dry up. No foul smell, even if we don’t sun-dry it.
  • Warm water stays warm longer than when it is in a separate basin.
  • It would be used even when Z’s a toddler already! Yay for money well-spent!

Sadly, it’s not a space-saver since it cannot be folded and the shower contraption is another thing to pack away. So it is not ideal to bring along for travel. Nonetheless, it works for us so it’s a relatively good buy.

Happy showering Baby Z!

What are your favorite bath time moments with your baby? Do share!

4 replies on “Z Loves: Safety 1st’s Warm Me Shower and Bath”

My favorite bath time moment would be when Zohan learned to sit on his own – that’s when his FlexiBath became really a wise buy!

Btw, we had a swimming weekend last Sunday, with Zohan at the pool. Have you allowed Z to go swimming in a pool also? They’re of the same age halos dba?

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