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A Blessed Easter to All!

Z is still too young to understand Lent and Easter and join Easter egg hunts but he is old enough to enjoy an egg-citing activity: EGG SHAKERS!

All you need are plastic eggs (P60.00 from Rustan's)
Put in some noise makers such as coins, seeds, buttons...
Seal with clear tape to keep the small parts away from baby.
Let your kid enjoy!

Okay, so Z enjoyed mouthing it rather than shaking the eggs! His little hands can’t hold it for too long though, he enjoys when I shake them!

Plastic eggs can be a source of other activities such as:

  • Identifying, matching, sorting colors.
  • Developing fine motor skills in opening and closing the egg.
  • Sound isolation.
  • Rolling the eggs and checking who rolled it farthest.

How did your Easter celebrations go? I hope we do not forget who this holiday is for. Take time to say a little prayer of thanks, if not for Him, time with our family is impossible.

2 replies on “A Blessed Easter to All!”

What a cute idea!

My 2 year old is just old enough to really appreciate the Easter egg hunt. We have used Easter eggs for many learning and fun activities this year. A lot of our focus has been on counting and sorting colors.

Can’t wait to do learning activities with my baby! Now, he’s just practicing his muscles with throwing and rolling the eggs! And we were rejected in an egg hunt! Boo!

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