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Lessons on Out of Town Trips

As previously mentioned, we went to Subic for 3 days and 2 nights. Being the first time to be away from home for a long time, I surely learned a lot:

What to Pack

  • Z had 3 pieces of luggage of his own: his carry on to be brought in the car and around town; a bag full of his clothes and cloth diapers; and a bag for his paraphernalia. It sounds a lot but I’d rather be on the safe side. For each day, I prepared 3 sets of clothes (top, shorts, socks) and 1 footed onesies for sleeping. To my surprise, everything was used!

    Z's neatly packed clothes
  • In the paraphernalia bag were his feeding utensils (yep, he had solids a week before he turned 6 months!), cleaning materials and bath products. I think it would be best if I have small bottles to store the liquid stuff as it wouldn’t be used in full.
  • The carry on bag (okay, diaper bag!) should be complete of clothes, dry pads, diapers, baby wipes, hand sanitizer and nursing cover. I’m really thankful that we’re breastfeeding as I do not have to lug around bottles, cans of formula, and a sterilizer. We also packed a few toys to keep Z entertained as needed in the next segment.

Car Ride

  • Toys are a good way to entertain any tot in a long car ride. Do use quiet toys for the benefit of the designated driver.
  • Plan to travel during off peak hours to ensure a smooth journey. But, knowing the traffic situation in the Philippines, it’s a little hard to determine when there wouldn’t be a build up. We planned on going back to Metro Manila on Sunday thinking that the expressway would be free since Monday was declared as a holiday. But no, we spent a good hour or two stuck in traffic. Poor little Z squirmed out of his car seat. I was being a bad mommy as I took him out but I can’t stand him being fussy. Maybe that’s why car seats are not popular in our country as opposed to countries which has a car seat law. Our traffic situation is not suitable for babies to stay in their car seats for too long.
  • Stop overs are also essential for nappy changes, stretching of legs and to grab a snack. We pitted on the last gas station before the SCTEX, where there is no available gas station to stop. Though there were tents on the side of the road, I think for emergency purposes.

Going Around Town

  • Because we were familiar with the area, it wasn’t hard for us to determine where we would go. But for new places in the future, the internet would probably be my best friend in choosing the places to go to. Of course, it should be safe, smoke-free, clean and not too noisy. We didn’t go to the zoo and water park in Subic because Z wouldn’t appreciate it yet. Maybe in 2 years time…
  • It’s also a plus that my husband had relatives there that going to their houses take much time already 🙂
Mommy and Z ready to go!

What are some of your travel tips? I can’t wait to travel out of the country to put to use these pieces of learning and learn some more!

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Baby Eli was around 5 months when travelled for just a day trip to a Rangers’ baseball game. There is no such thing as too many outfit changes or too many diapers. 🙂 It is amazing what these kids can go through in a day!

We tried to leave just a bit before nap time so that he would be sleepy. Eli tends to sleep well in the car and falls asleep pretty easily with the ride. This makes for a well-rested and happier kiddo when we get to where we’re going.

Love the tips! They are right on!

(We have a Scout puppy too and love him! He is still one of Eli’s favorites!)

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