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Happy Daddy’s Day, Mr. Bry126!

It’s not often that I write about my other half. I’d like to think that we’ve outgrown the “virtual PDA” stage… we’re both in the “proud parent” stage; posting only pictures and updates of Z — oversharenting at its finest!

But, today is a special day, and you my love, deserve my blog’s center stage.

I am super blessed to have you as Z’s father. You are so good in this fathering mode that it’s surprising that you’re only doing this for 8 months. Since the time that we were pregnant, you were supportive in attending birthing classes and breastfeeding seminars with me. Right then and there, I knew that you would be as hands-on as I am in raising Z. And these seminars paid off as you always felt proud in telling Z’s birth story because you were there! I have also you to thank for a successful breastfeeding journey. Behind every breastfeeding mom, is a dad who chooses only the best for his child. Eight months of pure, direct breastfeeding is no joke and I am lucky because you understood why I wanted to do so. Let’s do it until Z doesn’t want to anymore, ok?!

Yes, they look like each other...

Up to this day, you are still always present in Z’s activities — giving him a bath, eating with him, going to Kindermusik class, roughing it up in the playroom… You can now say that you’ve achieved your dream of becoming a dad! You’ve embodied that term so dearly, and it makes me love you more and more and more…!

Mr. Bry126, you now officially belong in the “Happy Father’s Day!” celebration!



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