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A Proper Welcome!

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Welcome to my mommy blog aptly titled, Young.Mom.Love!

In here, you’ll get to read my adventures as a wife and mom; and consequently, the lessons I’m grasping in every turn of event. Some may call it “oversharenting”, but blogging about my baby is one way of keeping track of his development and activities, which is happening all too fast. I do hope I get to inspire other moms who are visiting but this is all new to me, so comments and story-swapping are all welcome here.

This site owes a lot of gratitude to the following genuises:

  • Dart Tiglao – for the blog hosting and unlimited tutorial sessions;
  • Dainty Mom Media – for giving me a jump start in blogging and for always being a source of inspiration as a mom and blogger;
  • Fancy Girl Designs – for translating what I want to a yummy-looking blog theme, which makes me giddy inside-out. 

And to YOU as well for taking time to read  my musings!

Enjoy your stay and I do hope you’ll come back for more!

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