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Baby Shopping + A Giveaway!

I must admit that my husband and I went overboard with shopping for the wee one, even while he was in my tummy. We wanted to be prepared for his coming and who doesn’t like shopping, right?! I’m thankful that two of my aunties e-mailed me their own “things-to-buy-for-baby” list. The lists had similar items: tie-side shirts, mittens, booties, cap, pajamas, rompers, burp pads, etc. But both lacked one item: SHOES.

One of my shopping lists for Z

Well, why would a newborn need shoes anyway?! I was fine with not buying shoes, since there had been studies that it might constrict the development of the feet. Babies’ feet do grow at a fast rate so getting a pair would rather be costly, if we do not use it as often. There were also socks that looks like shoes which are available in the stores. But then, an outfit without shoes, is not an outfit at all! It didn’t feel right and the OC subconscious kept nagging on me.

I want shoes, Mommy!

Fortunately, new mommies like me need not fret about an incomplete outfit. Shoes that are safe for developing feet are now available in the market through TIP TAP SOFT SOLES! Backed by years of product and market research, this is the answer to every mom’s shoe fetish!

Keeping baby safe and happy – Safety and comfort
Keeping your baby’s feet healthy is one of Tip Tap’s top priorities which is why some
key product features were developed to address this. First of all, the materials used in
producing Tip Tap are all non-toxic and safe from any hazardous substances. Secondly, the
materials used are soft so as not to hurt their feet.
Lastly, and more importantly, during the early stages when the muscles of the baby’s
feet are developing, it is important to make early walking easier and safe. Therefore, Tip Tap
designed its own flexible non-slip sole to provide them with support and additional skidprotection as they start to take their first steps.
Making baby look great all the time – Fashionable
No outfit is complete without shoes so we came up with light and fun designs for your
babies. These designs will also be regularly updated with new styles and themes.
Getting more than what you pay for – Value-for-money
One major concern of parents when it comes to buying soft soled shoes is getting their
money’s worth since they have to spend so much on a shoe only to have their baby outgrow it
in a few months. This is why Tip Tap decided to make its soft soles affordable with a price point
of P450. By doing so, we seek to make it not only more accessible to parents but easier and
more practical to buy. — From Tip Top Soft Soles Press Kit

A complete outfit for Z!

Doesn’t Z look cute in his Tip Tap?! Personally, I like Tip Tap Soft Soles because they are easy to put on Z’s feet, meaning: there aren’t strains put on his pre-walkers. The materials used are baby-safe and the price will not put a dent on the wallets.

The good news is, one of Tip Tap’s resellers, Baby Nate’s Online Shop, is giving away 2 pairs of Tip Tap Soft Soles through this blog. There are 2 ways to enter:

    1. Leave a comment below answering the following questions: What are your splurges when it comes to baby shopping? How did you prepare for the coming of your baby? The wittiest and best answer will be chosen to win a pair.
    2. One more pair will be given to the winner which will be decided on by the Rafflecopter widget below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Just a few reminders:

  • The contest will run for 3 weeks. In this period, you may do the rafflecopter steps which can be done once a day.
  • A Tip Tap representative, Mommy Elay of Baby Nate’s Online Shop and myself will be the judges of who will win based on the comments.
  • The winners will be the one to choose the design and size of their prize. Shipping is included.
If I can win this contest, and if I have a baby girl, I’d choose this pair: 







This is a sponsored giveaway of Tip Tap Soft Soles and Baby Nate’s Online Shop.

Thank you for joining! More giveaways soon!

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53 replies on “Baby Shopping + A Giveaway!”

I was excited when I found out that I was pregnant. I made a check-list right away of the things that I needed to buy in preparation of her coming. I had my room rearranged too, removed all those ‘kalats’ and had a general cleaning.I also had my self educated about pregnancy, giving birth and taking care of a newborn through reading books and websites, they’ve been such a big help. She changed my life and I love her so much for that. And it’s really nice to have a baby girl because I just love dressing her up, that’s why I splurge on cute baby clothes, shoes, hair bows.. and stuff toys too!


When I became a Mommy with my first child, I invested on good quality baby crib, walkers and lastly the stroller. For which by that time I was thinking that I would be having another baby 2 or 3 years after that. Unfortunately the second baby came after 6 years and some of my son’s baby stuff were handed down to relatives who needed it. Second was the clothes which I am very fond of buying when I got pregnant. I started buying unisex clothes for my baby as early as 1st trimester. When we found out about the gender, we we’re so excited. I realy wanted a boy that time and felt like my wish was granted. My basic splurge i did was buying socks, He had a lot of baby socks …I don’t want him “cold feet” when he grow up. 🙂

After having a baby boy two years ago, my husband and I really prayed for a baby girl for our second child. When we found out the gender two months ago, we started buying baby items. Some splurges include headbands and dresses. My husband never had a sister so he is excited as well to buy “girly” stuff! He even makes his own shopping list for the baby!

Even if it’s already our second child, we still prepared for it by attending classes and forums about pre and post natal care, including breastfeeding. We learned new things that we never did for our son. We were really happy that we did this as parents, anyway, learning never stops right?

I’m on my 37th week now and everytime i had a chance to go to any supermarket stores, i splurge in buying disposable diapers for my baby. I’m storing and stacking all the diapers i bought and it made me feel more excited to give birth seeing all the disposable diapers i have right now! Any moment right now, i might pop, i’ve always prepared myself into doing some (pelvic) exercises that would help me through my labor. 🙂

I splurged on clothes for my baby, and lately that it would have to be on my cloth diaper addiction. And as for preparation, well, save save save! That’s what we did! and of course…I read a lot and asked a lot to my female cousins on how they were able to take care of their kids.

What are your splurges when it comes to baby shopping?
Almost everything. As a new mommy, I want to make sure that my son would have the comfort of everything on our budget’s reach.

How did you prepare for the coming of your baby?
I did online reading and combined my learning with what ‘seasoned’ moms (including mine) told me because “Mother knows best!”

I just cant get enough of shoes, especially the chic ones. I myself is a shoe addict. That’s why I bought. my baby few pairs to go with her outfit.

What are your splurges when it comes to baby shopping?
Almost everything. I happen to have an uber-cool hubby who just knods when I show things I loved to buy for our baby. but it was diapers that had consumed most.
How did you prepare for the coming of your baby?
Reading. Researching. Googling.

What are your splurges when it comes to baby shopping?
Clothes, clothes and clothes! 😀
and also the clothe diapers.

How did you prepare for the coming of your baby?
We bought all the things needed for having a new born baby. Like baby clothes, ‘lampin’, feeding bottles, mittens, socks, etc. 🙂

First, I splurges n clothes, nappies, shoes, Baby’s accessories and educational toys

We prepared by buying all the needs of our baby and I read a lot of books regarding re and post natal pregnancy.

*What are your splurges when it comes to baby shopping?
I got addicted with cloth diapers, though I don’t consider it a splurge since I know I’ll be saving money in the long run, and the environment as well.

*How did you prepare for the coming of your baby?
With all the preparations I did, I prepared for breastfeeding the most, equipping myself with information by attending seminars and reading blogs.

I think I did splurge on clothes and disposable diaper. Not much on feeding bottles as I am really planning to breastfeed.

I prepared myself by relaxing and reading a lot about giving birth and newborn care, as well as talk to other moms about their experiences.

We splurged on cloth diapers! haha! I bought at every SALE opportunity there was…because clothes and socks were given to us as gifts by friends and family. We prepared for Kiel like watching born every minute on io channel to prepare us for labor! and also read the What to expect when your expecting book..and android app everyday! 🙂 we just love our baby boy

i think i’ve splurged on cloth diaper, coz i know in the long time run it will benefited us in saving money for not buying in buying of disposable diaper.

for the preparation of my baby:
i’ve attended a lot of seminars for updating my knowledge for taking care of my baby, breastfeeding session etc.

when i get pregnant on my second baby i become more conscious on my health because i dont want to take risk the health of my baby…before i giving birth i make it a point to complete my baby dresses and after i learned about cloth diaper in a group that i joined i begin to splurged on it…aside from the fact that i can save a lot of money from it it also an environmental friendly plus the fact that it is cool and nice fits on babies.

I splurge on items that can be used by my baby for a very long time, like play gym that can convert to mat to play gym until she’s crawling already, high and low chair, and bouncenette/rocker. I prepared for the coming of my baby by keeping myself well informed of the latest trends and researches in baby care through forums and online networks of moms.

Since I have a baby girl, I feel so good buying clothes for her. I never liked pink but I learned to love it when I had her. I love all pinks on her now!

One of the splurges I really had were headbands, my daughter being “hairless”had nothing but headbands as accessories and it’s really one thing we can’t do without when we go out and when we shop!

Well, as a mother, we really have everything ready. I did research on what was really important for newborns so that I wont waste money on buying things that I don’t really need. I just tried to have enough clothes and that went fine. 🙂

I splurged on clothes and for the preparations, I read a lot from books to blogs and I also asked mommy friends. I also pray a lot to ease the anxiety 🙂 Will see her in few weeks from now :)))

having ur 1st baby really excites us new moms and we always want to splurge on every baby thing we met at a baby store..for me, I easily succumbed to cute baby dresses and more lampins.. 😀

Clothes and diapers.We need to save money and make a list of everything that our baby needs, i want my baby to look good and healthy

Love to spend it with new clothes, shoes & toys that my baby needs to develop his brain and body. Vitamins, milk, diapers and I want to use green diaper to support the eco green campaign and to contribute a little.

well before my Bf left the country he wanted everything to be prepare for me and our coming baby so we shop a lot of clothes and diapers since at that time its a 3day mall wide sale so its just timing that we decided buy a lot with discounts and freebies and since i don’t need to worry about material things i only need to prepare myself giving birth and learn how to take care of my baby so i also attend seminars breastfeeding program to learn more its why after i give birth i am less worried and stress since everything is done perfect.

When I found out that I am pregnant, I ask my sister and brother to spare me their baby clothes that my nephews and niece used. Then my hubby buy baby clothes,shoes,diapers and other bath products,oil powder. We both excited to have our little angel coming around so we make sure all will be settled.

Blame me for splurging most on pink and cute clothes for our little princess, I can’t resist buying everytime we went to mall because it’s my favorite color haha next are vitamins and other health concern stuffs. Now, since she’s turning 3 months, we are starting to splurge on educational toys, we’re on look out for good finds for educational toys especially during mall sale. We loooveeee sale! Splurging while still on a budget right? =D

Well nothing really when I was pregnant with my baby I just take care of myself and eats a lot of fruits:)But when she comes out I buy her toys:)

Clothes & already bought diapers and feeding bottle. Just make sure to have all babies need. When she arrive all things that are needed is ready..

i splurged on clothes so much and when it comes on preparation, on my first 3 children, once i knew that i am expecting a baby we buy baby stuff monthly ‘so when the d day comes, we already have everything, until our 4th baby came, i think less excited but still preparing although we bought baby stuffs only on my 7month of pregnancy, but atleast when my pre-term labor came we completed all my baby needs. tnx.

I dont have a baby pa po but I have a niece. I her case we make sure that she always protected from her surroundings!

I slurge on diapers and clothes.My wife and I prepared for our baby’s coming months by decorating her the nursery room and child proofing it.

I don’t have a small baby but I do have a baby nephew and niece, I’m planning to give the prize to them if ever I win this giveaway. To answer your question I always prepare for clothes and things that will make my baby comfortable. Thanks for this awesome giveaway! God Bless!

I havent shopped for my baby yet, my tummy is only 4months old and they say that it is bawal to buy things for baby this early.. hehe.. but if i were to splurge, id splurge on the best milk and vitamins that my baby could get.. because clothes, toys,strollers can be easily outgrown.. id want my baby to be healthy and smart 😉

Since shes our first born after six years, I buy everything I know that would make her pretty and comfortable! So much to say…we been waiting long hard enough. There are time so “OA” na but I can’t help it…I just buy & buy & buy!

Question:What are your splurges when it comes to baby shopping? How did you prepare for the coming of your baby?

Before my first baby came to this world, I never bought a single thing because my mom already did the splurging. She started with the pillows, then the blankets and the rest just followed. But a month after delivery I won the lottery (not that big but enough to start a small business), I got so excited in buying him this and that. So after turning 1 year old I just gave his things which I thought might help fellow mother.

My bunso was born this year of the Dragon. Of course every mom must be mentally and physically prepared for the baby 🙂 Having a sound mind and healthy body is the most important preparation for a baby to live in this world.

Since i am a breast feeding mom. I keep the money, and invest or a quality crib and stroller. quality bedsheets toys and of course little cute she’s 4 months and will be nearly walking that tiptap shoes will be VERY useful for her, so i hope I win this.. THANKS FOR THE CHANCES!

Dress and shoes that can be mix and match with everything else. I went shopping with my mom to prepare for my baby’s coming. We bought all the things my baby needs.

I splurged into headbands, hair clips, ribbons and toys too. Unfortunately, most of the toys now are dead 😉 I started to buy baby things when I was 7 mos pregnat.

I splurge into cotton clothes and cute fancy accessories.
We prepared all the things we needed for the baby. We bought the basic needs first. I see to it that I listed down all the things I bought and not yet been bought for future reference.

When I learned I was pregnant, I made a wish list on what my baby would need. I was always on the lookout for mall sale schedules and would splurge on cotton-material baby clothing and high, food-grade plastic bottles and accessories.

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