Pork Floss Toast

I confess… I’ve been addicted to this since I bought one at Baker’s Fresh in Shangri La Mall. It has been our snack after Z’s Kindermusik Class every Saturday. So to save a few pesos, I bought 100 grams of pork floss from Aji Ichiban and decided to make my own! Been munching on this for 2 weeks now!

I guarantee you, it’s so yummy!

Tell me when you’ve tried making this snack for your family, ok?!

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Oh, I haven’t tried it with other toppings. Maybe it would go well with tuna or adobo flakes! It’s a sweet and savory treat 🙂

I tried making this but with a little twist. Instead of the mayo-milk mixture, I used butter (unsalted) and sprinkled it with original pancake syrup. Works for me!!! Thanks, Cheska for sharing your recipe 🙂

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