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Breastfeeding Tips

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I’ve been getting the usual breastfeeding question – “how did you do it?” I’m no expert nor am I claiming to have all the answers, but 8 months of exclusive, direct breastfeeding allows me some pat on the back, right? Here are my tips for those planning to breastfeeding:

  • Do not bring bottles or formula milk in the hospital. I think some hospitals do not allow it at all. Without bottles or milk, you will have no choice but to have your baby latch on to you. You may introduce the bottle after 6 weeks, if you’re going back to work, to avoid nipple confusion. Inform your relatives and friends that you’re going to breastfeed so that they won’t give you bottles as gifts.
  • These are the things I bought in the hospital for breastfeeding:
      • nursing cover
      • Purelan – I started using it by 35 weeks
      • compress
      • nursing bra
      • nursing pillow
      • nipple shield
  • Make Google your best friend. Information about breastfeeding may be overwhelming so it’s best to choose websites which you can relate to. I relied on a lot of Filipino mommy blogs and joined in forums. But, remember that every baby is different and so is breastfeeding. I’ve heard some mommies have different breastfeeding experiences for each of their children. So, what works for one mom, may or may not work for you.
  • Expect that some people will question you on your choice of sustenance for your baby. Some people will also be vocal about their disapproval but believe in yourself that what you are going to do is best for your baby. Don’t let these negatrons bring you down. Stress affects milk production so surround yourself with cheerful, positive people.
  • I followed the “Unang Yakap” program and let Z crawl on my chest; he latched right then and there! As soon as he was in the room, he latched on and we were attached at the nipple every 2 hours. I made sure to do this so that my body will know that it needed to produce milk. Yes, it was uncomfortable, painful and tiring, but it was all worth it.

Come to think of it, nothing can really prepare you for breastfeeding. It is different for every mom, for every baby. I know that I was just determined to do so.

Are there other breastfeeding mommies who can share their tips to new moms out there?!

2 replies on “Breastfeeding Tips”

Thanks for sharing! I didn’t bring any breastfeeding paraphernalia in the hospital – no nursing bra, cover , etc. Good thing i had my two BFF’s (breastfeeding friends/ best friends forever) as my first visitors. They guided me in my first hours of breastfeeding Rio.

Btw, breastfeeding month na next month (august), May balita ka na ng mga activities. Hope we can meet in one of the events next month.

mahigpit na yakap kay Z!

Wow! Pinaka-ok yata yung live support and encouragement. Si husband ko lang yun sa’kin 🙂
I think there will be a blog carnival for breastfeeding month… For events, wala pa akong alam. But hopefully, yeah we can meet and Rio and Z can play! 🙂

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