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Rustan’s Nursing Station

I’m not sure if Rustan’s had a nursing station before the renovation, but now it is located at the 3rd floor in Rustan’s Shangri La Mall. It is conveniently tucked in a small space within the kids section. We’ve used it numerous times when I don’t want to spend money in a resto, hehe. My only complain is: it is too cold! I’ve to use my nursing cover because my thin, asian skin cannot handle the coldness!

Just after nursing...
There's only 2 single sofas in the room...

Out of the numerous times we’ve been there, it was only us using the room except for 2 occasions. I guess, that’s why the management removed the other sofas and just put bean bags and square blocks. Maybe for the older kids?

Whimsical decor
A changing table

The changing table is foamed and they offer free wipes, alcohol and powder.

One wall was filled with mirrors

I hope they put in music to give it a relaxing mood, instead of hearing some salesperson looking for stocks in the next room. They also have displays such as the turtle lamp in the picture above, but it wasn’t with batteries.

All in all, this breastfeeding station is convenient for those who have family members who want to go around the mall first, then just meet up to eat. I wouldn’t really go out of my way to go here if I wouldn’t be buying anything from Rustan’s.

What other malls have breastfeeding stations? Do you use those?! Share your stories, comment below!

2 replies on “Rustan’s Nursing Station”

Hi Chesca 🙂 There’s also a nice nursing station at Eastwood Mall, 3rd floor at the back of Babyland. It’s a small but comfy room with good lighting, single sofas with curtains for privacy,changing table and breastfeeding basics courtesy of LATCH 🙂 It used to be our spot when I was still nursing my son 🙂 We also love the nursing station in Rustan’s Makati 🙂

Oh.. I haven’t been to Eastwood for a long time. I miss the weekend market there! Thanks for the info, Chrissy!

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