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9 Wishes

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The nine months you were in my belly seemed to take forever. But the nine months you’re out in this world went by in just a snap! I can’t hardly keep up with your movements and you’re not even walking yet!

As I always say, you’re growing up too fast, little one. Here are Mommy’s wishes for you (well, at this time at least)… 


1. Always look at the world with awe and wonder. Just like in this picture…

Don't lose that inquisitiveness about your surroundings...

2. I know that it will start with me, but I do hope you’ll choose to eat your fruits and veggies! Don’t worry, I’ll try my best to be a good example. I’m starting to eat the fruits and vegetables that I’m introducing to you like pears, peaches and eggplant. Ampalaya and okra is another thing, okay?

3. Along with a healthy appetite, I wish that you’ll always be in the pink of health. No more nebulizing sessions like this, please!

Heart-wrenching 🙁

4. I really, really wish that your sunny personality will transcend even when you’re in your toddler (read: tantrum-filled) years. Though I’m kind of hoping you’ll cry when strangers carry you, it’s good to hear people say what a pleasant baby you are. And please remember that it’s because of the positive energy Mommy gives off!

5. If there’s only one trait that you’d get from your Daddy, it should be respect for all people you meet.

6. Please, please, please, please grow up to be a reader! Have a genuine love for books. Immerse yourself in literature and let your imagination go wild.

Books are fun, books are great!

7. I wish that you’ll be satisfied with the simple life your Dad and I will be able to give you. I’m not going to be a parent who’ll give everything to her child just because I didn’t have everything I wanted when I was young. Remember, you are not an extension of me. You will be filled with love, laughter and lessons and hopefully, that will get you through life with a smile on your face.

8. Please let me cuddle, kiss, carry, smooch, tickle and play with you… even when you’re bigger than me.

And lastly…

9. I hope you’d be proud to call us your parents *le sigh*

I love you my Rumbly-Rumble! (Belated) Happy 9th Month!

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That was a very touching post ches! 🙂 I’m so happy that I am surrounded by positive moms around kahit in virtual world lang. Glad to meet you! sana next time, let’s have some coffee! 🙂

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