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This is the first time that I’ve been a “boss” to someone. And we’re very lucky to have a helper such as Ate Nida who genuinely cares for us. It is with her help that I’ve created house rules, aptly called “Yayamadments”, through our observation of other nannies in the playroom and malls and our own experiences as well.

1. Thou shall not kiss the baby on the face, especially the lips. 

– The OC Mom in Manila has quite the research on that on her blog. There are other ways of showing affection to your alaga such as high-fives and hugs.

2. Thou shall not use thy cellphone when minding the baby.

– Or the iPad, magazine or anything distracting your attention away from the baby.

3. Thou shall not divulge personal information about your employers.

– We’ve come across a nanny who talks too much that we know how much their weekly budget is, what the couple fought about, stuff that shouldn’t be shared anymore.

4. Thou shall not leave the child in someone else’s care.

– I’ve seen this way too many times in the playroom. But maybe the nannies there are comfortable with each other that they can do that. But still, security measures shouldn’t be let down just because you see the other person often.

5. Thou shall always look presentable.

– I require Ate Nida to wear her uniform when we go out. She says that she’s comfortable in it, and makes her look professional. It also saves her other clothes to be her “day-off” clothes. I like having her in a uniform so that when she takes Zoren while we eat, I can always spot her in the crowd because I know what she’s wearing. And being presentable doesn’t just mean clothes. I hope all nannies have a sunshine-y personality as ours. We always have a good laugh!

6. Thou shall respect the parents’ philosophies on how they raise their child.

– Every parent is different as every child has his own quirks. What worked for your previous employer may not work for your current one. Ate Nida is very supportive of my breastfeeding ways as she was a breastfeeding mom herself. Though she believes in some old wives’ tales, I tell her that I don’t and she doesn’t press the issue anymore.

7. Thou shall handle the child the same way as the parents.

– Consistency among the child’s caregivers will help in developing the behavior of the child. This will ensure that one is not favored over the other, and that no means no.

8. Thou shall not feed the baby anything that the parents have not approved of.

– I’ve seen nannies in the playroom give the children junk food and soda. I don’t know if the parents are aware though.

9. Thou shall talk highly of your employers’ parenting skills.

– Don’t diss your employers. If you’ve got an issue on how they are raising their child, talk to them. Don’t speak ill of them, especially to the in-laws.

10. Thou shall love your employer’s family as your own.

– Both my husband and I were brought up in households where the helpers are treated the same as family members. And in turn our helpers have treated us as family as well. I want Z to be appreciative of Ate Nida as she is caring and loving to us.

What are your own rules when it comes to your yayas? Do you agree or disagree with some of mine?

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Nice post! I agree with all your rules. I’ve imposed them on my previous yayas as well though sometimes there are stuff you can’t control when you’re away and can’t see them. We have a lot of yaya horror stories! That’s why we chose not to have a yaya now for our baby Z so at least that spares us some headaches right now. 🙂 You’re blessed to have such a great yaya.

Yikes, yaya-horror stories are the worst! Initially, I wanted a yaya-less house. But 2 months into it, I was getting really stressed and my husband is sick of take-out food. Our helper is a blessing!

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