Z’s Bale Dutung Adventure

I’m no foodie blogger but this adventure is way too special for just a Facebook album.

After a 2 hour drive from Bataan, we arrived at a quaint house with luscious greens that gives off that provincial feel. Bale Dutung, hosted by Claude and Mary Ann Tayag boasts of scrumptious food that is truly Filipino. They have three kinds of menu (all of which lasts for 3-4 hours) and our group chose the Kapampangan one. As I said, I’m no foodie blogger; everything tastes great to me; so, let the pictures do the talking! 

A lovely dining set up.
A refreshing welcome drink made with citrus fruits.


Appetizer: A trio of dips (pesto, aligue, balong-balong)
Pako Salad
Veggie Spring Roll with XO Oriental Sauce

You can buy bottles of their sauces starting at P120 each. They don’t put MSG or preservatives in them.

Chicken Inasal with Aligue Rice. This combination didn't sound fitting but it tastes OH SO GOOD!
Adobong Pugo.
Crab Fat Maki and Dulong Wrap.

Pan De Bagnet is the main reason why I was excited to go to Bale Dutung. It was always out of stock at Mercato whenever we will go before. So, getting it fresh from the source is just heavenly! Bagnet is a roll of pork with succulent fat and crunchy skin. Put it in a toasted ciabatta with veggies dipped in a vinaigrette-kinda sauce and it’s ready! This is an additional order apart from the menu so be sure to specify that when going there. We were also told that they offer Pan De Bagnet and Lechon Tortilla as carts for parties.

Lechon Tortilla!

After hearing what was in Bulanglang, I immediately called Z’s pediatrician and asked her if we could let him taste this sinigang-like broth. So when she allowed us, look who was so ready to eat:


My little gourmand!

They also offer set meals for helpers/drivers at P200 each. Drivers are to stay at the nearby tennis court though. A set meal consists of:

Rice, Chicken Inasal, Veggie Spring Roll and Bulanglang.

After Ate Nida and Z’s tummy were all happy, they took a stroll around the garden which had a pond with fish! Though there was a room where Z could stay in, they preferred to sleep here:

Sisig on a Baby Eggplant.
The much-awaited SEAFOOD KARE-KARE!
Dessert was carabao's milk pastillas with yema, ube and macapuno.

Are you hungry now?!

Even though there were a lot of courses, I didn’t feel bloated. Everything fit well in my tummy! And someone’s a happy camper as well!

The hammock did the trick!

For more information about Bale Dutung, please visit their website HERE.



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