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My Breastfeeding Idols

As I said before, nursing a child is a task that are done by everyone in the child’s immediate environment. I owe my breastfeeding success to my husband, parents, in-laws and those who always comment on how healthy Z is looking. Personally, I owe my determination and perseverance in breastfeeding to these ladies who’ve inspired me to choose the best for my baby:

Ninang Teacher Carol de Vega

Teacher Carol was my former boss turned friend. If she wasn’t preggy at the time I took my practicum in her school, I wouldn’t land a job there. It really was meant to be! All my primary information about breastfeeding came from her. She directly nursed Polly for 1 whole year, while teaching, while running a school and while having a love life *wink*. She inspired me, that I too can breastfeed while doing other things.

Her breastfeeding story doesn’t come without negatrons. Of course, there were people commenting that Polly wasn’t “chubby” like other babies, or that she should supplement with formula. Teacher Carol remained headstrong and trusted herself that her milk is enough for her daughter. When I told her I was pregnant, she reminded me to do just that: trust myself that I will be enough for Z.

Jenny Ong

When I was put to bed rest a month before Z came out, the internet was my best friend. I subscribed to different websites that would tell me what’s happening to the baby inside me. Since I planned on breastfeeding, I had to be armed with the a lot of information, since it is something you cannot practice until the baby comes. Thankfully, Google sent me to Chronicles of a Nursing Mom.

Jenny is a gift to breastfeeding mothers! Her site is full of links, information, product reviews and personal anecdotes. Whenever I need to know something about breastfeeding, her blog is better than Google. I’ve read through most of her entries that I feel like she’s a friend already. So, when I saw her last May, chika na agad! I’m learning a lot from her and the different advocacy she’s promoting like cloth diapering and baby wearing. I truly admire her dedication in being a mommy and in the campaign of promoting breastfeeding awareness in the country!


I’m really grateful to my breastfeeding idols as they helped in making my breastfeeding journey a happy one! In return, I’m hoping that through this blog where I share my breastfeeding story, I get to inspire other moms to choose the best for their babies and breastfeed.

Who are your breastfeeding idols?! Give them credit this Breastfeeding Month!



4 replies on “My Breastfeeding Idols”

when i was breastfeeding my two kids, i didn’t really had internet connection at home then… so i didn’t have anyone to follow or encourage me then. just really thankful to God.

Now that my kids and I have passed the breastfeeding stage, I am glad to be able to encourage other moms that I know… and I always point them to Jenny Ong if they ever have some questions that I can not answer 🙂

For how long did you breastfeed them, Chris? Praise God for giving you strength to choose what’s best for your babies then 🙂 Yup, Jenny is the breastfeeding guru!

Thank you for including me Chesca! Internet was also my best friend back in December 2007. I learned from LATCH and attending La Leche meetings with Abbie Yabot, from my chats with Dr. Jessa. Dr. Mianne and Dr. Zeka. Just hoping to pay it forward and help more Pinays to breastfeed longer 🙂

I also learned a lot from Abbie in Breastfeeding 101! I’m with you in promoting breastfeeding in the country!

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