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Breastfeeding FAQs

Nope, I’m not a lactation counselor yet (I will research on how to be one soon) but I’ve been breastfeeding for 10 months now. And during these months, I’ve heard a number of statements or questions regarding my sustenance for Z, most of them I find rather funny. Since it’s Breastfeeding Month, it’s timely and fitting for this post, in my hopes of encouraging mommies to choose the best for their babies!

“Kelan s’ya magbo-bote?” “When is he going to drink from a bottle?”

Since I am a SAHM (transitioning to a WAHM, but that’s for another post), there’s really no need for bottles. We actually didn’t bring any bottles when I gave birth. I just have a Medela Calma, which is still in its packaging up to this day. And when Z started solids, I gave him water in a small cup. Now that he’s 10 months old, he’s already started drinking from a straw. So, when is he going to drink from a bottle? NEVER.

I’ve nothing against bottles. It’s just that we have no reason to use one. Sure, it’s a lot of sacrifice to bring Z wherever and whenever, but it has worked for us all these months. With no bottles, we save up on cleaning, sterilizing and bag-space. Maybe people aren’t used to babies not drinking from a bottle that’s why they are amazed when I answer this question.

When breastfeeding in public, I use a cover and the usual question is: “makakahinga ba s’ya d’yan?” “can he breathe in there?”

DUH! Well, of course, I don’t say that to their faces. But, do they think that I’m not in my right mind?! Nursing covers are just a thin piece of cloth, its purpose to cover the breast area, not the face of the baby. There have been no reports of suffocation with the use of nursing covers. Yes, they are just concerned with the welfare of my baby, but I wouldn’t do anything to harm my little one.

“Until when is he going to breastfeed?”

At the start, I told myself that Z will breastfeed until 6 months. After that, I’ll just pump. Things changed and now I say that he’ll stop nursing, when he wants to. I’ve read positive effects on baby-led weaning. Actually, now that he’s into solid foods, he rarely nurses in public. And I miss that. I miss cuddling him when there’s many people. Now, he wants to wave “Hi!” to everyone he sees! So, yeah, I’ll stop breastfeeding, when Z stops. Or when I get pregnant.


These are usually what I hear from others but there’s so much more! Will save that for a next post!

Do you have unusual breastfeeding questions you’d like to ask?! Ask away and I’ll try my best to answer =)


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