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On Separation Anxiety

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Z is at the stage where he is all “MOMMY”. And I’m not bothered at all. Separation anxiety is perfectly normal at his age and may well go on through the toddler years. There are other reasons why I’m also okay with his clingy-ness:

  • Less hands holding him = less exposure to germs.

Even though I require everyone who touches Z to spray on alcohol first, there are still germs lurking in their clothes, hair, articles of clothing. So, if the baby does not want to go with anyone else, all the better for this OC momma!

  • It’s his way of building trust.

According to Erik Erikson, babies at this age is in the TRUST versus MISTRUST stage. The most significant relationship at this point in a child’s life is with his mother, who is the source of sustenance, comfort and warmth. If this stage is passed successfully, then the child will grow to have basic confidence in the world. If I, his primary caregiver, won’t be there for him, how can he trust his surroundings then?

  • I’m selfish!

I want my little ball of cute-ness all to myself, especially in a crowded, public place! I’m savoring these moments, where a tight hug eases all of his stress. Who knows if I can still hug and kiss him in public when he’s all grown up?!

Come to think of it, Z is sociable as he waves “Hi” and “Bye” most of the time. To ladies who are wearing short skirts. I kid you not. He’s into legs this early! Seriously though, I give him time to be with Ate Nida throughout the day. I also encourage his grandparents to visit him so he will get accustomed to their presence. And Kindermusik has greatly helped his socio-emotional development.

As a new mom, all of these developmental stages I once read in books are becoming real. Are you experiencing this with your babies as well? Any tips for me? 🙂

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