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YoungMomLoot [The Premiere Episode]

I’ll try to do this on a monthly basis – sharing my cool purchases with you moms! Because we all know that retail therapy indeed works <3

Let’s start of September with a positive vibe, shall we?! Presenting the things I’m currently loving:

Forgive my photoshopping skills, this is the first time I’m tinkering with it!

1. Since I bought my Jelly Nelly sandals, I’ve been wearing it everyday! It’s so comfy, feels like you’re wearing nothing. And it shows off polished toe nails so beautifully. I’d have to take a picture with colored toe nails though. I’ve got a pair in clear and I’m thinking of getting one in black. It goes well with everything in my closet! It’s perfect for moms with little girls who want to have a matching pair. These sandals are also good to Mother Nature; I like their tag line: kind to your feet and kind to the street. It’s a good time to buy your pair as Mothering Earthlings offers free shipping until September 15!

2. I recently tweeted that my least fave thing to do as a mom is cutting my baby’s nails. Did I ever tell you about the incident wherein I cut it too short, it bled?! I remember that fateful day, December 8. Good thing Z did not cry as much or I wouldn’t know what to do! So, purchasing this Safety 1st nail cutter with lights is a really good buy for me! It is a very useful tool since I still cut his nails at night, when he’s sound asleep. And because our condo is not child-ready, our bedroom is not that well-lit, hence the need for lamps in doing this arduous task. Having a 2-in-1 gadget helps in making it bearable. I got this from True Value in Shangri La Mall for P595, comes with an emery board.

3. Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without a foodie find! Marks & Spencer recently launched its ice cream line and knowing how I love their baked goodies, I knew I had to taste their ice cream. There were a lot of flavors to choose from but I relied on April‘s suggestions. Since I don’t get to eat a lot of pecan desserts, I decided to give it a try. And I liked it! It was not too sweet nor the caramel was overpowering. Each spoonful was divine; it gave me that warm, fuzzy feeling, as if I’m tasting something familiar. The pint, which costs P395, got devoured in 2 nights. Well worth it! Can’t wait to try the other flavors as well!

4. Even before we were Twitter friends, I’ve been following Trisha‘s blog for her printables. And seeing her turn her passion into a business is really amazing! PB Printables will give you a modern take on wall art. Ordering is really easy as she already has samples shown. I just asked for subway art about Z’s birth details, and she made me this awesome artwork, which I’ve yet to have printed out. She was really patient with me as I asked for a lot of changes until I settled on one that I liked. For just P400, you’ll have a customized piece, ready for printing. I do hope she’ll have the complete package (design, print, delivery) soon. I’m already thinking of giving these as Christmas gifts!

I hope to share more of my loot soon! If you have one best purchase for this month (or last August), what would it be? I’d love to know!

3 replies on “YoungMomLoot [The Premiere Episode]”

My baby’s already 9 months but believe it or not, my mom is still the one cutting my baby’s fingernails.Hehe takot ako e!
Baka with the help of Safety First’s nailcutter, ma-achieve ko na nag pag-trim ng nails ni Lukas. 😉

Diba scary talaga! Their nails grow fast pa! By the way, I saw the nail cutter by the counters. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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