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YoungMomdiLemma: Z on Solids

Since Z was 8 months, I was kind of following the Baby-Led Weaning principles. It felt realistic and honestly, Z wasn’t into the mushy-mashed foods. I was also not comfortable in giving him weird food combos as suggested in some websites. I wouldn’t want to feed him anything I wouldn’t eat.

Eating bread!

I said “kind-of” following because even if I let him feed himself, I still spoon-feed him. And he’s really cute when eating; his legs sway and shake as if to tell me that he’s enjoying!

I just have an issue with the food that’s going on the floor. Am I teaching my son to play and waste his food? Or the learning of independence outweighs this? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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well, he will eventually, outgrow this getting and throwing everything to the floor stage. 🙂 I think it is not just food that he throws to the floor, right? He is at this curious stage, if Im not mistaken it will last until 1.6 years old.

For me, throwing food to the floor is an issue so I don’t let him play with the food So as soon as he begins to throw the food to the floor, I take away the food already. Hopefully, he learns that food shouldn’t be thrown – in due time.

Hope this helps!

Yes, he likes to throw everything! And I think he aims them on the space where our “catcher” isn’t. Haha!
Ah yes, maybe when he’s older, throwing of food is a sign that eating is over, right?
Thanks for the advice!

Learning how to eat by himself is like a little boy learning how to ride a bike or swim. Kasama sa pagkage ng learning process ang semplang,dapa,makakainom ng tubig sa pool at pagtapon ng food while eating. In time,mawawala din ang mga ‘yan and he will master everything – eating, riding a bike and swimming by himself. Halik at yakap kay Z!!!!

I’m an OC mom, ayoko ng kalat. But I also teach my daughter a bit of independence that she has to imbibe. I read somewhere or in Smart Parenting magazine ata that you have to train your toddler to eat by himself without the bib on. That way, he will be cautious that he has to be clean. But of course, Z is still a baby. I think “food-throwing” is fun and play for him. He will soon learn, don’t worry. 🙂

He doesn’t like wearing his bib already! I guess I still have a long way to go with regards to Z not playing with food. Thanks for the insight!

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