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Happy 2nd Year, Mr. Bry126!

Ten. (2+8) Ten. Ten

Ours is a love story that can be at par with the local teleseryes. We were high school acquaintances, then we hung out with the same set of friends on the last year of college. We’d text each other everyday; our personalities and beliefs mesh very well. A bucket of San Mig Light would bring us together weekly. You’d tell me your big plans to be successful and I tell you my simple wants. We instantly became the best of friends. And it didn’t bother us that we were in different relationships. We were simply friends, nothing more.

Then, the accident happened. And we realized that we couldn’t lose each other. 5 years after that fateful night, we’re happily taking care of a growing toddler and celebrating 2 years of being married! I could never be happier!

This teleserye would not be complete without its antagonists. Not everyone approved of our relationship. But we didn’t need anybody’s approval nor understanding. We were outrageously happy and madly in love. No one could ruin us.

But we’re not always lovey-dovey. We’ve had fights, arguments and disagreements, which I think every relationship need to keep it healthy. You don’t always give in to what I want; and I don’t stop without a fight. Do you remember that time we were fighting in the car, then we got tired then just had a bucket of beer, then everything was OK? I like that you want to talk about things, even if it means that we’ll argue. And yeah, sometimes I like fighting because I like the kiss and make out  up part.

I can never thank you enough for loving me unconditionally. You’ve taught me to love and think about myself and that I deserve all the good things happening to me. Thank you for being strong for the both of us when times are rough. I am truly grateful that you make me a better person, wife and mommy. I am discovering new things about myself because you believe in me. Thank you for being a wonderful father to Zoren (and to our future babies!!).

Happy 2nd year anniversary, my dear husband. I love you!

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