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Adjusting to a Toddler

Z turned 1 and *poof* the baby I had was gone. He’s now a toddler. And I’m taken aback by how soon he is displaying “toddler” characteristics, when he JUST turned a year old!

He is now very mobile. By that I mean that he does not want to hold on to anything or someone when walking. He is very confident in taking steps already but I’m scared that he might fall and bump his head. We really need to baby-proof the house but we’ll be moving soon, so I’m still not sure how it will be done. Here’s a video of Z walking in the playroom:

It was very helpful that the other yayas in the playroom were cheering on Z as it was his first time to walk alone for that long. Positive vibes do help a lot! But I think it got to him so much, that the next day, he went down the bed and walked ON HIS OWN! When I saw him, I almost fainted! (yup, we need to work on baby-proofing the house!)

As a developing toddler, Z is also showing more of his personality. I’m glad that he’s still got that sunny disposition and smiles often. Though at times, there’s already signs of power struggles when he insists on what he wants. One time, he did a “toddler tantrum” which I wasn’t ready for. Thankfully, I follow a lot of experienced moms on Twitter which offered a lot of suggestions on how I should handle tantrums the next time it happens.

Z is also more vocal on what he wants by babbling and pointing. He also responds more when asked familiar questions such as “where’s Mr. Sun?”. When reading books, he points to the pictures and babbles, which for me means that reading to him early on has paid off! His toys are also getting a lot of playtime since the throwing stage is already subsiding. He’s now sitting down to play with the shape sorters, stacking rings and cups and the ball drop.

My toddler eating on his own!

The coming days will prove to be challenging as he discovers more things to do. I fervently pray to have the patience and strength to keep up with his energy!

Hey Zoren boy, you’re growing too fast and Mommy can’t keep up. But I’m really proud of you. Just a week of walking alone, and you look like you’ve been walking for months! I’m happy to see you have that smug look on your face whenever you’d walk alone. Just take your sweet little time achieving your milestones, honey. No one’s rushing you. We both know you’d get there. Mommy loves you with all her heart.

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