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A Z Story: Crowne Plaza Kiddie Party Package

5 months before Z turned 1, we were already looking for venues on where to celebrate his party. We’re not really particular of the place. Our top requirements were: space for the kiddie games, ample parking for the guests and nice restrooms. The first clubhouse we wanted was already booked (so mommies, better to scout for venues earlier, like when the baby’s a month old already!). The second clubhouse we inquired in was available at 10am – 3pm. Knowing our family dynamics, we would be late for our own party if we got that. So, we went to our 3rd choice: Crowne Plaza.

Crowne Plaza fits our top requirements very well. And since we’ve held events there already, we know how the service goes and how the food tastes. It was also a plus that they have a Kiddie Party Package which includes:

  • an overnight stay with buffet breakfast for 2 at Seven Corners
  • fruit platter in the room
  • 1 themed mascot
  • themed character cake
  • party host
  • welcome banner
  • loot bags, balloons on sticks, invitations (50 pieces)
  • kiddie tables and chairs
  • balloon centerpieces on kiddie tables
  • ice cream cart (150 servings)
  • cotton candy cart (100 servings)
  • cookie decorating activity
The amenities are all provided by Party Perks except for the cookie decorating activity which is by Cake Concepts. We then talked with Party Perks for any additional items or for an upgrade of the things provided already. I will talk about that on another post (which hopefully will be posted within the week as well!) Some may be wary of holding kiddie events at hotels due to so much limitations. But we were informed that Crowne Plaza allows a lot of food carts, inflatables and animals.
Looking at what’s included in the package, the party preps were halfway done already. It was also a great plus that the events manager, Elai, was very helpful and attentive to our needs. We were also exchanging text messages with her during office hours regarding the party! For reservations, they require a down payment then the balance needs to be settled a month before the event.
You have a choice between a buffet or lauriat menu. The food items can also be mixed and match depending on what you like. They also offer kiddie buffets or set-plates for kids ages 12 years old and below. We did a little bit of cheating and just repeated the menu we had for Z’s baptism last year. Fortunately, our record was still on their file. That took one stressing part out (there’s no food tasting if you choose a buffet set-up). Oh, you could also bring in lechon for an additional corkage fee. There were so much food during the event, my husband and I got to eat! (Kudos to their team as they reserved food for us, which we enjoyed after the event!)
Salad Bar
Potatoes Fondante
Braised Pork Provencal
Steamed Maya-Maya
Suffice to say, we were very happy with our choice of venue. We were well-taken care of and our needs were met beyond our expectations!
I’m hoping to finish the birthday posts this week! Good luck to me.
If you have any questions about having a party at Crowne Plaza, you may contact them at 633-7222. Or e-mail me! I’d love to help 🙂

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Hi! Just wondering how much shoould be the budget in case I plan to have a kiddie party at Crowne Plaza..

Thanks! 🙂

It really depends on the number of guests and the menu. They have a maximum number of guests per function room so you also have to keep that in mind.

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