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A Z Story: Party Perks

I guess by now you’ve figured out the theme for Z’s 1st birthday party. Initially, I was against a character-themed party because I wanted to be that mom who thought out of the box and created her own theme. I was thinking of something generic like “Colors and Shapes” or “Everything Zoren” but it would be really costly and will take too much effort on our part, to get the theme across. Maybe when he’s older and be more appreciative of what Mommy could come up with!

Luckily, the accredited supplier of our venue, Party Perks, delivered the theme very well! Though, we must admit that we upgraded most of the items included in the package to fully cater to our guests and the venue’s needs.

Balloons, balloons, balloons!
Welcome to A Z Story!
Ample space for games!
Woody and Buzz.
Loot Bags filled with goodies!
Love love love the stage backdrop!
Snow Cone and Nachos
Pizza and Mini-Burger

My only problem was the mascots as they do not look happy. And the guys inside seem to be having a hard time with the costume. But it gave everyone a good laugh, so it wasn’t a waste!

The food carts were such a hit that it was wiped out. We also had an ice cream and a cotton candy food cart, which was part of the package, but I can’t find a picture of it.

We were really happy with how the decorations turned out! It set party mood right from the start. Everyone was commending at how fun and whimsical the place looked like. Some even brought home the balloon centerpieces as souvenirs! If they could, I think the floating balloons would go as well!

Party Perks is really an expert in the party planning business though they don’t do coordination. They will just provide you with suppliers. Dealing with them was fairly easy as their office is accessible though their air-conditioning was conking out the several times we were there. They also respond to e-mails and text messages punctually. We didn’t encounter any problems with them from beginning til the end.

Stay tuned for more posts on Z’s 1st birthday party!

Party Perks

865 A. Mabini St., San Juan City



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