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A Z Story: Minutes Before the Party…

Coat and pants from Rustan's, vest from Gap, long-sleeved shirt and bow-tie from Periwinkle
Shoes from Tip Tap Soft Soles. Thank you Tita Elay!
Warming up to the camera...
The camera loves me!
Getting ready...
I'm sexy and I know it!
The bow-tie was hard to put on...
Mommy's HMU by Trixie Gallardo.
I'm going to be Mommy's Little Boy FOREVER. I know it.
One proud Daddy!
Don Zoren!
I'm 1!
Suited Up!

Z actually fell asleep after this pictorial session! We were fashionably late for his own party, but that short nap put him in a good mood.

By the way, our official photographer for the event was RVC Photography. They also covered our wedding, and other family events. We’re really happy with their services because they treat us as family already. I’m just not impressed with their photobooth service, which took too long for a shot to be taken. I’m also not aware if the pictures are available online.


There are still pending posts regarding A Z Story! Watch out for it!


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