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Hello 2013!

I’ve been MIA for a month because of our sucky broadband connection. We should really change it soon, since their team was supposed to come in today to change our modem but after waiting for ONE WHOLE DAY, nobody came. As it is, I’m still using a prepaid internet connection, which isn’t really suitable for my online work. Oh well, what a way to start the year!

For 2013, I plan to fill out my Life List as suggested by Martine. I’ll be sharing it with you guys soon so watch out for it!

There are giveaways lined up for this month so better to follow me on Twitter and Facebook.

This will be a great year, I can feel it!

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I’ve been MIA on my blog too the whole December. I wish I can blame the broadband, but my unscheduled hiatus was mostly because in between taking care of my babies and dealing with the holiday rush, I had no time to blog anymore. 🙂

Hello. I’m Riz. Glad to find a newbie mom just like me. I gave birth October 24, 2011. Yay to October babies 🙂

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