Cheesy Chessy

At 15 months…

Bingo Number 15

LEOL30 via Compfight

  • You weigh 12.5 kilos and stand at 2.7 feet.
  • There are no clear words yet, but I know that “ma ma” is me, “da da” is daddy, “bubba” is for bubbles, “ca” is for cars or anything with wheels and “ooohh” when you like something.
  • We’ve made our very first trip to the ER! Never again!
  • You know that the DVD goes into the player and you should sit before it plays.
  • The actions to “Itsy-Bitsy Spider” is your favorite finger play.
  • It’s really getting harder to keep you still during diaper changes. How I wish we could potty-train already!
  • You eat almost anything that’s given to you. Your current faves are crackers, string beans and avocado.


There are so many things you can do now. Everyday’s a surprise with what you can already achieve. You’re growing too fast, Little One. But, no worries, Mommy’s always here. I love you my Z!

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