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Z Loves: Skip Hop Straw Bottle


They say that the third time’s a charm. I’m likely to believe that because after 2 failed straw bottles for Z, I’ve finally found the one in the Skip Hop Straw Bottle!

With our first two straw bottles, Z had a hard time sipping. I think it was because of how they put in the straw — one part of the straw is where you sip and other part is the one submerged in the liquid. These two pieces just connected by the spout, unlike a regular straw which is in one piece. Even with all of his effort, Z can’t sip any liquid in these.

Sip, sip, sluuurp!

I’m very happy that with Skip Hop’s Straw Bottle, Z can sip his drinks seamlessly. The diameter is just right for the little hands which will be holding onto it. I also like the transparent body, so I can make sure no foreign object is in his drink. Its flip-top cap makes sure nothing spills even if it tumbles inside the bag. And yes it is BPA-free. An additional straw is also included along with a velcro strap.

We got ours with the bee design at Mothercare in Shangri La Mall for Php. 295.00

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