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Ever since my birthday last month, everyday seems to be a positive, cheerful day. Add to that the Mother’s Day love I got from online friends and especially from my boys. I don’t know… everything just seems right. Happy! Loved! Giddy!

Yes, we’re entering the Terrific Two’s and tantrums have been happening quite often, but as Zoren grows, so does my heart. It feels like it’s going to burst with so much happiness every time Z completes “Itsy Bitsy Spider” or when he stacks his blocks and cups, or laugh even when he’s sleeping. Really, this small creature gives me my biggest smile.

Our Mother's Day picture 🙂

I’m also proud of my husband. Yes, I’m his number 1 fan and cheerleader! He’s got a new role to do, he’s learning and up to the task. He may be busy most of the time but whenever the three of us are together, he makes sure that we feel that we are his top priority.

As for me, I’ve decided to really focus on this blog. I’m determined to put quality content that will be of help to young moms out there (after my 5 lives in Candy Crush, hehehe). I enjoy learning and sharing my lessons here. I’m also taking care of myself more now, back to putting make up, shopping for nice clothes, in short, because I feel good inside, I’m translating it into the outside!



Spread the happiness! Do share what’s making you feel giddy!

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