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A Second-Time Mom Breastfeeding for the First Time!

My MOMspiration for this month is my good friend Kathleen. Biases aside, I’m really proud of her for being able to make a decision and stand by it. Almost a year ago, she gave birth to her second child, Andi. And that’s when her breastfeeding journey began.

1. What made you decide to fully breastfeed your second baby?

I’ve been aware that breastfeeding has so many benefits. Health benefits for me and my child and financial benefits are the key factors of our decision. Being aware of the positive effects greatly helped me in making the decision to breastfeed. Also, having an older child means having a lot of things to bring when going out. Breastfeeding will help us lessen our baggage, making it easier for me and my husband, as we do not have a yaya.

2. What were the steps you took in order to achieve this goal?

Of course, in every decision you must be prepared. I prepared myself by attending classes, forums and talks about pre- and post natal care, including breastfeeding classes. I also read books about breastfeeding. Talking to breastfeeding advocates and counselors helped because they give their real life experiences of what I may encounter.

3. Did you experience any difficulties? What did you do to overcome them?

At first, I experienced pain as the baby latched. But knowing that it was part of the learning process, that didn’t stop me in trying again. After a week, nursing Andi has been comfortable. It’s actually a smooth experience for me and my child. I did not experience sore or cracked nipples, even bleeding. Maybe because I was frequently feeding my child.

4. Any advice to second-time parents planning to try breastfeeding?

Be knowledgeable. Be well-informed. Read books. Attend classes that will enlighten them about breastfeeding.

Surround yourself with breastfeeding advocates. Do not hesitate to ask. There are so many resources available online right now. Mommy bloggers also share their experiences and tips regarding breastfeeding.

Look for a doctor AND a hospital that will encourage breastfeeding. Some hospitals/practitioners give formula milk right after the baby was brought to the nursery. I’m just fortunate that St. Luke’s Global City has a Lactation Unit that extends lactation services and support to its patients.

K and Andi happily nursing!
Breast-Friends =)


So, it really is possible to breastfeed your second (or third or fourth…) child even if you had no previous experience. I’d like to reiterate what Kathleen mentioned: be knowledgeable, arming yourself with information is the first step in a successful breastfeeding journey.

Who is your MOMspiration on breastfeeding? I’ve shared mine HERE.

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