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Breastfeeding — #beststartswithdad

Z is very lucky to have a dad who is aware of the benefits of breastfeeding. That surely is the BEST START in life! My husband was awake with me every night feeding, making sure that I was comfortable, hydrated and well, awake as well. It was his task to burp the baby and eventually lull him to sleep. Giving me ample time to rest just before the next feeding session. He never suggested we use formula, or to even use a bottle. He’s even the more vocal one about our feeding choice when asked by relatives. I guess he was really happy with the financial savings! More importantly, he saw that our baby was growing healthily and happily. Now that Z is (almost) 20 months, he is not even asking when we would stop.

I pity one mom whom when I asked why they stopped breastfeeding at 1 month, said that her husband was “envious”. He wanted to partake in giving their baby nutrition. HOW SELFISH CAN YOU BE?! Dads can show their love to their babies in many different ways, like changing diapers, playing with them, reading books, etc. You do not need to be the one to feed the baby in order to have a lasting relationship with him.

Please daddies, your support may be the only thing your wives need to exclusively breastfeed at least for the first 6 months!!!

This article is in support of Jenny’s article HERE.

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