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Preschool Jitters

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Preschool is not yet opening for another 2 weeks. But there are some things which you can do with your child that may help them in easing into a new environment:

  • Schedule a school visit. This will help your child in getting familiar with the school materials. She/he will have something to look forward to on your next visit, which may be the first day of classes. Your child will also see that you trust the people in school, making it easier for him to warm up to them and eventually, trust in them as well.
  • Have a countdown. Be it a calendar or tearing up links of paper, this will surely amp up the excitement! Remember that your kids need a lot of conditioning in order to accept a new thing or event. By doing this, she/he will feel that you are excited also and that school is something to look forward to.
  • Do activities during the time that she/he is supposed to be in school. Most kids still rely on their body clock to do their routines. So having activities at their designated time will help their bodies adjust. You may also copy the school’s routine and songs to further enhance the experience.
  • Prepare her/his things together. You need not buy new stuff, his current water bottle and extra bag will do. Or if you really need to buy, make a pictured list that will allow her/him to help you while shopping. It would also be a fun learning experience labeling his things with his name!

Sure, there may be tears (mostly from you), but that wouldn’t mean that the school year will turn out bad. Crying is absolutely normal. In just a few weeks, your child will be the one to tell you to leave her/him in school.

This made post made me miss teaching! How I wish I could go back to school. Are your kids going to school already?! How was it? Please share your stories in the comments section!

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