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Hello, Elin!

My fashion sense is limited to basics, understated and nothing over the top. What is important for me is the quality and if it would go with what I already have in my closet. And now that I have an energetic toddler to chase around, comfort is key. If it’ll make breastfeeding easier in public is an added bonus.

That’s why I think Elin and I are a match made in (retail) heaven! I can see myself wearing everything in their collection! Elin is also from the creators of And Apparel (which is having a sale!!!), but there are more choices for the preggy and milking mommas. Here’s what’s in my wishlist currently: 

Marianna Dress in green.
Sydney top in gray and white stripes.
Blue gray Maxi Skirt.

I say “currently” because they’ll be adding more items every week! I’m so stoked for their maxi dresses and tops. It is such an ease to shop in their online store. All the information you need about the item is given: what it is made of, how to take care of it, the fit and length and a size chart. Most of all I like it because they have Paypal! With just a few clicks, I’m already done updating my wardrobe.

Last Saturday, Martina and Kathleen (2/3 of the brand) got together with the SoMoms for an afternoon with Craft MNL.

The venue. Still craving for Milk and Cookies!

Marielle and Nikki of Craft MNL showed us how to upcycle old shirts by making weaves in them. It was daunting at first, but eventually we all got it!

Here's Marielle explaining the weaves!
Kathleen of shows off a very sexy weaved top!
Tin of and her creation!


Here's how my shirt started...
I trimmed off the neckline.
Then proceeded to make my weaves!
My sexified summer-y top!

We also had the chance to make bracelets out of scrap cloths. So cool! Look at these accessories, do you think you’d know that they’re made out of scrap?!

I have yet to finish mine!!!
This would definitely go well with my plain shirts!

It truly was an afternoon well spent! It was my first 3 hours away from Z (he was busy in Kidzville!) and I’m happy to have spent it with fun, creative and passionate ladies!

Photo from Michelle of 🙂

Shop now at! What pieces do you like the most?!


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