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Z Loves: Breeze with Activ-Bleach

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And why would a toddler love a laundry detergent?!

Well, aside from making his clothes smell cleaner and fresher, using Breeze on all our clothes saves us money. There’s no need to use a special baby detergent for Z’s clothes since Breeze is hypoallergenic. Our new Yaya likes that it is gentle on her hands, too.

Then one day, Z did this…

If Breeze effectively removes stains on clothes, it can do wonders on walls and cabinets, right?!

YOU BETCHA! Just dip a washcloth in a mixture of Breeze and water and scrub away. It looks as if nothing happened. So now, whenever Z gets his artistic streak, I would not refrain him from writing on the walls! Sige lang!

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