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Brunching at Wine Bar 1771

Back in the day, Bry and I would frequent Sidebar, a member of the Chateu 1771 group, in El Pueblo to meet up with friends and celebrate the coming weekend. This place has seen us in good and bad times. We were there almost every week, that the servers became our friends, and they know our usual orders already. I love love love their Salbacco Pizza and Garlic Mushrooms! Pair that with a Margarita and we’re ready to party the night away. (I’m tempted to post photos, but I digress)

But after getting married, I swore off alcohol, just to be sure I don’t have it in my system once I get preggy. So, for our night outs, we would just go to the second floor of the complex, Wine Bar. Unlike the party ambiance downstairs, Wine Bar offered a more intimate setting, perfect for those conversations that involve your dreams and plans for your future family. Oh, how I miss Date Nights!

And it was as if the Universe conspired that my first official SoMoms gathering was held at Wine Bar! It was the place I bid goodbye partying and merry-making to, and now, the place I welcome a new journey, that is of being a Mommy Mundo SoMom!

For our brunch, a private room which can seat up to 30 guests was reserved. Imagine a long table with 22 women chattering the morning away! I wonder what our lone SoDad felt, heehee! And because it is one of our advocacy to support mompreneurs, especially our own, a mini-bazaar set up was placed in the foyer of Wine Bar to showcase their products. Food and shopping! What a glorious morning!

Salad Bar
Mini Pancakes waiting to be topped by Candied Walnuts and Caramelized Bananas
Chicken Piccata with Lemon Butter Sauce
Vegetable Fritata
Salmon Lasagna
Clockwise from top left: Thurston Hachett products, Nurture Nook items, Paper Chic Studio, Aquasana Water Filter
Clockwise from top left: Green Sproutlets, Manila Baby, Two Tots, Yellow Bird Shoes

*I don’t have pictures of Willow Clothing! Sorry Pam!! Blame my then-yaya!*

It truly was an eventful morning! My tummy was full to the brim until late in the afternoon! Thank you Wine Bar for such yummy food. I’m already thinking of an event just to be able to hold a function there. It is very accessible since it is in the middle of Ortigas. El Pueblo also has its own parking space so no need to worry about that (well, maybe except for the fees). For more info, like their Facebook Page.

I’m super happy to be in the company of empowered women (and man) plus the food and shopping! More about being a SoMom in the coming posts!

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