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Still Me… Only Better!

I’ve always believed that you never stop learning and in return you always get better. We may like what we are at present, but admit it, there’s always something to improve, something to learn, something to discover. That’s why life will never be boring!

And now that I’m part of the Mommy Mundo SoMoms, I know that I’m on my way to a Better Me!

Everyone introduced their blogs, products, advocacy!

While listening to their introductions during our brunch, the feeling was surreal, to the point of being overwhelming. I was in the company of the women and man whose blogs I get a lot of inspiration from! And to belong in a group with these people I consider a big part of my parenting journey is just too much for words. (tissue please!)

Because of Kris and Jenny, my parenting quirks seem validated. I actually got some of my rules (like the no kiss rule) from them, and I know that I’ll be a better mom with their guidance. Managing a household is probably the trickiest part of being a wife but thanks to Michelle, Tina and Janice, I am now more inspired to plan meals, allot budget, make trip itineraries, you know — mom things! And because that is stressful, I need to de-stress by shopping and looking good through the help of Jackie, Tin and Conci, whose blogs and IG posts tempt me to do major damage to my wallet! The blogs of Candy, Belle and Fleur proves the point that even if you have a day job, you’re still a hands-on wife and mom! Our mompreneurs: Cai, Pam and Patty motivate me to start a business, something I would enjoy doing and in the long run be a source of income. Tiff and Thammie‘s sharing about their faith will help me be a better follower of Christ. Through Jen, Jenny and Eli, I will learn more about breastfeeding advocacy thus making me a better source of breastfeeding information. I’d like to help other young moms out there to breastfeed, just how these three helped me through it. And speaking of advocacy, Mish and Neva will help me learn more about being strong for children with special needs. And the only SoDad, Marc, will help me see a man’s point of view, so that I can be a better wife to my husband.

The new SoMoms and SoDad.

I’m really honored to be a part of this group. Hopefully, even though that I’m the youngest (in terms of parenting), I will also be a source of inspiration to them and to my readers! Let’s all start our journey to a better me 🙂

I love being a SoMom!

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