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YML Asks: Clothing Sizes

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I’d like to know if you moms strictly follow the sizes of your kids’ clothes… Every time Z turns a month older, I usually check if his clothes still fit. For example, when he turned 7 months, I packed away clothes for 3-6 months. Now that he’s not really getting chunky every month, I find that he still fits his 12-18 months clothes comfortably. But I feel OC about it so I don’t let him wear them anymore, since the sizing is there for a reason, right?! I’d love to hear your thoughts about this!

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Hi Ches! I don’t really follow the sizes when it comes to Summer’s clothes. As long as it still fits her, I still let her wear it. Sometimes, I let her wear her old dresses as tops. But this is applicable for little girls, I think. 😉

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