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Z’s Playdate

Nick JR. has been part of Z’s routine. After taking a bath, Team Umi Zoomi or Dora would help keep him still as I massage him and put his clothes on. Kai-lan and his friends teach him about being a good friend and the cute Bubble Guppies entice him to dance around with their cool songs!

So, it was really a treat for him when we trekked all the way to SMX to join Nick JR.’s Playdate! As soon as we entered the premises, his already big eyes got even wider, because he knows the background music playing! Well, it was just the commercials of the sponsors, but I guess that entertains him also!

We managed to squeeze in the already full front row so that Z will have a better view when Dora, Boots and Diego come out. While waiting for the show to start, Z and the other children were dancing along to the commercials!

But when the mascots came out, he was perplexed and didn’t want to let go of my neck!!! Maybe he was shocked to see them so big and moving and so close to him. After a while, he loosened up and was waving to the mascots.

Dora and Boots!!!
I was almost choked! Haha!

Aside from the mascots and games on-stage, there were different booths to play in, inspired by the Nick JR. shows and sponsors. Z was just too little to enjoy them all but he had fun observing. What he really wanted was to go in the Inflatable!

Dora’s Bike Ride
Around the World with The Backyardigans!
Fishing with the Bubble Guppies!
Purefoods’ Chicken Nuggets Booth

A Bubble Guppies episode were shown on the big screen and as usual, Z was wide eyed! I think it was good practice for him so that we can take him to the cinemas soon! Then, the Bubble King, Lamber Flores amazed everyone with a Bubble Show! Who doesn’t love bubbles, right?! Kids and adults were in awe with the bubble formations that were made. Some even had the chance to be inside a bubble!

It was a very fun afternoon bonding with the family! Though we didn’t stay long enough to finish the other half of the program (it was a UAAP Sunday and rains were pouring, we were scared of the traffic), we still enjoyed this new experience. And along with something new comes lessons worth sharing:

  • Have a plan. We made sure that we will park in the nearest area to the venue. Also, map out the closest restaurants that you can wait in until the event starts.
  • Come in with a full stomach. Thank you to Stratworks for a hearty merienda at Shakey’s! Most events do not allow food inside except for those that are being given away in the premises. So it’s best to eat first or the kids will get crungry (cranky + hungry).
  • Bring only the essentials. I made a mistake of bringing a big bag and a big bag for Z’s stuff too. So our Yaya kinda had a hard time bringing the bags and the give-aways from the event. Next time, I’ll just use a crossover bag for myself and maybe a backpack for Z’s things (diaper, wipes, water, snack, extra shirt).
  • Let the child know what to expect. Days before the event, I let Z watch YouTube videos of Dora and Boots’ mascot so he will get a feel of what’s to come. But I think conditioning tactics like this will work successfully on older children.
  • Have lots of patience. There will be a lot of waiting especially in free events like this. Be understanding as well as you may get bumped, pushed and stepped on.

Z surely loved this Playdate! I’m hoping for many more to come!

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