Cheesy Chessy


  • You are obsessed with Buzz, Woody and the whole gang of Toy Story. Yup, you won’t sit still with any film, just that.
  • The only videos you’d pay attention to on YouTube are those of the toy collectors opening their Kinder Surprise Eggs. Then after, you’d open the fridge, get an egg and try to get a toy!
  • I don’t know how it started, but you like wearing slippers. Any slippers. But your Havaianas do not fit you anymore.
  • Silly!
  • Showers are still a fun activity for us both! It’s just kinda scary because you don’t want to sit down in your tub anymore. I’d have to be alert so as to not let you slip!
  • But while taking a bath, Ate needs to be blowing bubbles!
  • You are quite confident in going up the stairs. I let you, even though I know my heart might come out already. I know it’s good physical exercise and an ego-boosting act for you. Don’t worry, I’m always behind you!
  • You are so talkative now! I just wish I could understand everything that you’re saying. But it’s enough for me that you say “mama”, “dada”, “ball”, “oody”, “bu”, “ickey”, “ca”, “wow” and a whole string of syllables.
  • We’re slowly building our library. Your current favorite reads are those from our Kindermusik sessions, and of course, the Toy Story books.
  • I’m really happy that you got around to playing with dough! You can sit down for a good 20 minutes just patting, rolling, and pinching the clay. Sometimes, you use the tongue depressor to slice it.
  • We don’t nurse as often as before. It’s a bittersweet feeling but I guess it’s part of your growing up. And just now, you rolled to sleep, with just a little bit of suckling.
  • Whenever we are at your grandparents’ house, you love playing with the dogs and chicken!
  • You’re starting to get picky with food. But you still love fruits like avocado, grapes and strawberries.
  • Your Wowo and Wowa bribe you with marshmallows to my dismay! We need to control them!
  • I think we need to buy you a bigger dump truck. You like to put a lot of toys in your small one; and you get frustrated when everything won’t fit in it!
  • You can stack up to 10 inch blocks!
  • You are more enticed to play with older children than those of your own age. You want to be running alongside them, which is kinda scary for me!
  • I can now leave you with your grandparents for a maximum of 6 hours. It teaches you to trust other people and to sleep without nursing! And when we see each other again, your face lights up, as if we haven’t seen each other for days! I love that look!
  • With Wowo
  • You can now successfully put 4 shapes in the shape sorter without assistance.
  • Whenever we need to leave the toy store, you need to say good-bye to all the toys you like!
  • I love it that you’re still clingy to me, but would let go when you want to explore. Everything that’s written in the books, they are all happening!
  • You weigh 13.5 kilos and stand at 2.8 feet =)

I love you so much my little big boy! Thank you for always making me feel that I am doing a great job raising you. And for wiping my tears whenever I’ll cry during the scene where Andy leaves his toys with Bonnie. I promise that I will continue learning more in order to be a better mom to you!

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