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In my quest for a #BetterMe, looking great is close to the top of the things I need to work on. Now with Z sleeping through the night and staying for a longer period of time with the Yaya, I now have time for myself. I kinda forego long bath times and prepping up for more than a year, and my skin is taking the abuse badly. But now, I know better; I should take time in making myself look presentable, even if I’m just staying home. In spite of the saying that beauty comes from within, knowing that you look good on the outside will account for more confidence (personally speaking:) ).

As serendipitous as it may sound, Glamourbox announced that their June box will be all about Bridal Bliss! And who wouldn’t want to relieve that day, when it was all about you?! I know for myself that my wedding day was my most beautiful moment EVER! So I immediately signed up and waited for its arrival!

When it finally arrived…

And it did not disappoint! For just P595, I got products valued at 4 times what I paid for. What is sulit, diba?!

Physiogel, Nutrogena, Bare Naturals Lip Stix, Isis, Bare Naturals Skin Perfecting Primer, Mustela, Nippon 
Vouchers from Plana Forma and Wink

After 2 weeks of receiving the items, I find myself always using the Bare Naturals Lip Stix. I got the shade “I Love You This Smooch” and it goes well with my natural lip color. There’s also no issue in using it and giving my baby lots of smooches because the ingredients are all-natural food-grade items. The Mustela Physiobebe No Rinse Cleansing Fluid has made its way to my “things to bring” list. I like products which serve dual purpose, like this — it helps remove make-up on me and cleanses Z’s face, which is highly sensitive, any time, anywhere. I’d definitely restock this once we’ve used it up.

I’ve recently used the Isis Pharma Dermatologie Teen Derm Gel which keeps my oiliness at bay. I also feel that my face is supple after using this. The Physiogel Intensive Cream is still in its box because I still have one opened. It really helps in moisturizing my skin, especially those parts not usually minded like the ankles, knees and elbows. I used the Bare Naturals Skin Perfecting Primer yesterday, and even though I was sweaty from carrying Z, my make-up remain intact.

So far, I’m really happy that with this box, I’m giving myself “me-time” even just for a few minutes, and the effects last throughout the day. My husband even noticed that I’m “blooming” and “happier”, and that was the goal, right?! I think he wants to relieve some wedding bliss too *wink, wink*

For more information about Glamourbox, visit their website by clicking HERE.


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