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Building Healthier Relationships

Because I am striving to be a better version of myself, I need to learn how to have healthier relationships with the people around me. And almost a month after the SoMoms’ session with Coach Pia on building healthier relationships, I must admit, there have been positive changes:

I now set appointments with my husband.

Coach Pia said that men cannot be forced to do something/go somewhere IMMEDIATELY. They need time to process these things, unlike women who can multi-task. Men also like to take their time. Knowing these now, I work around my husband’s pace. Since I know that he usually takes 2 hours to get ready (!!!), I do not rush myself in preparing as well. Because if I’m ready to go and he’s not, I get fidgety and will just nag him. And because the nature of his work does not run on a schedule, we usually set a “meeting” on Sundays to plot down what will happen in the week. This is a good compromise because I do not like not having a plan; and for him to be aware that he has appointments with his family on a certain day. For example, I found out that Barney will be having a show on a Saturday. I researched on the details first then asked him sweetly if he is free on that day. When he asked why, I told him my plan and he agreed. So even if he was lacking sleep from a night out, we were still able to execute my plan! Happy me without the nagging!

Do not take mistakes personally.

I have a new helper. She’s bound to make mistakes. I can’t expect her to be like my previous helper because things in the house are very different than before. If I go nit-picking on everything she’s doing wrong (or just not how I’ll do it or how my previous help did it), I will go crazy. So, if what she’s doing is not detrimental to my family and possessions, I will let her be. To make things smooth for the both of us, I just gave her guidelines on how I run things around the house. The process, I leave it all to her.

You attract relationships you are ready for.

Coach Pia told her story of not wanting to be in the company of a certain group of people because she just can’t be her truest self when she’s with them. I was nodding in agreement because I feel the same with a specific group. It’s not that I don’t like them; it’s just that I might be in a different phase already, meaning my personal values aren’t the same with theirs. And if you stay in a high-risk relationship such as this one, your values may get depleted and in turn, may not make healthy life decisions. This is why I’m really happy to be a SoMom. I’m surrounded by people who uplift my core values, helping me to be better!

Let go, change, forgive and be humble!


In the midst of negativity, be the one to change. Why? Because you are aware of your personal values. And as mentioned, by knowing your personal values, you will make better life decisions within the five aspects of your life: self, family, social life, work and sense of purpose. And no matter your decision, it will always pay off because of your values.

SoMoms with Coach Pia!

Speaking of relationships, this session sparked my love affair with Charlie’s Pritchon! I’ve been craving this for days now and I’m just looking for an event to order!

Clockwise from top left: Tito Charlie talked about how their business started; A happy suckling pig!; The different sauces to be put in the pritchon, my favorite was hoisin and garlic mayo; Pritchon goes very well with Paella!; When you order from Charlie’s Pritchon, 2 chefs will assist in chopping and wrapping, all for Php. 5,100!

If my pictures made you crave for crunchy, crackling pig’s skin and juicy pork meat, you may call 921-0405 or 921-0415 or 0918-5318851. Kindly like their Facebook Page as well!

Thank you also to Unilab for always supporting the SoMoms! The Asian Secrets Lulur Scrub is so effective!

Unilab goodies for a #betterme! Asian Secrets, PH Care, Myra E.

I know you are interested in making better life decisions, so you should join One Core. Coach Pia holds a FREE session every Tuesday at Fully Booked in  BGC. Better yet, be a premium member and have exclusive invitations and discounts! Will be posting more information about this soon!

I’m really looking forward to our next session with Coach Pia! She speaks with so much wisdom and I know that she will help me the parent I want to be!


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