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Looking forward to the weekend…

The week went like a blur. All of a sudden, it’s the weekend already! What happened?! I can’t even recall in detail the events that transpired. And I was just mostly at home!!! That’s how tired I was. I was so tired the other day I (really wanted to guzzle down a bottle of vino) cried myself to sleep. Have you Mommies felt that way too?

I have an active toddler. Active means running around the house, climbing whatever he can hoist himself up to, dancing on the bed, throwing the toys all over, getting stuff out the kitchen drawers… you get the messy picture. Z is also discovering new things like opening a packet of Bibibons by himself, using a cup to pour water on him and shooting his pee into the potty! Toy Story 3 helps him stay still for a while but after the scene where the toys get played with the toddlers, he will remember to play with his toys also! And the iPad didn’t get played much this week as well.


I am still exhausted.

So, I should sleep now since the little boy slept at 8 PM and knowing his routine, he will wake up just a little after 6 AM!

Happy weekend, everyone!



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