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The Next Time I Get Preggy…

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I will have a maternity photoshoot!

Search #BellyBlessed on Instagram and you’ll know why I want to have this done next time. I really, really, really regret not having a maternity photoshoot taken. But then again, I was on bed rest for the whole of my third trimester, the time where the belly gets so round so it’s the recommended time frame to have pictures taken professionally.

I will have a professional photographer inside the delivery room.

I was already having contractions at 2AM but it wasn’t at 5-8 minutes apart. Rome said to go to the hospital when it is so. I had time to prepare since we left the house at 9AM. BUT WE STILL LEFT THE CAMERA!!! Lesson learned: hire a photographer! Enter Polly Fong, SoDad Marc’s better half, the first birth photographer in the country! Check out her Facebook Page and you might want to give birth (again for some!). She captures the moment in its truest and raw-est, in a non-intrusive way.

I will do yoga.

Because I will need time for myself, this is where I’ll spend it. I know handling a toddler (given that Z will still be a toddler the next time I’m expecting) will be more challenging when I’m feeling the preggy symptoms, I will need all the patience in the world. According to my fellow SoMoms who are doing Yoga, they have been calmer and more patient since. And it’ll be a good physical activity without being too tired.

I will have a baby shower!

Okay, so this is not mine to plan, but I will have one!!! I actually had one with Z in the bun organized by my MIL’s friends. It was supposed to be a surprise. So not having a clue, I slept the whole afternoon and by the time I got there, they were already eating! I want to have a very organized baby shower with games, giveaways, dessert buffet… the works! I’m officially appointing my brother/sister to do this for me! I hope you’re reading this!

This is all wishful thinking as I’m not expecting to be pregnant until late next year. Tell me, what do you want to do the next time you are pregnant?! I might add those to my list too!


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Ooooh I love this post! I was actually just thinking the same thing. My son is now 7, and we’ve been thinking about maybe having our next soon. During my first time, I had a fab baby shower, and we applied for a baby registry at Rustan’s. Best Decision Ever!!! My dad (who was also my anesthesiologist) covered the whole delivery room experience, as in photo/video ha! So that’s a check for me too.

I want to have a maternity shoot for sure! I want to document my growing belly month-on-month. I didn’t do that before. I also want to do prego exercises, and I think your yoga idea is a good one. 🙂 I want better maternity clothes too. Clueless me back then had my mom shop for clothes, and so they were all kinda 90’s haha. (Sorry ma, I love you anyway!)

Whenever that may be, I am looking forward!

Hi Patty! My mom is an anesthesiologist too, but she was kinda nervous while I was in the delivery room so she passed me on to her friend HAHA!
I wanna document my belly too. I saw some doing that on Pinterest. For maternity clothes, I suggest Gingersnaps. Some of the pieces I got their is still wearable post-pregnancy.
Have fun trying for the next baby hiihii 😉

First and foremost I wanna get a husband so I can get pregnant and then I sure will do all of those above. *feeling excited! 🙂

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