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Z Loves: Teething Beads


One peculiar thing about babies is their penchant for putting things in their mouths. And there is nothing wrong with this since it is their way of exploring. The mouth has more sensitive nerve endings than the hands, to better inspect the new things around them. This behavior is also heightened when the baby starts teething. They’ll need a quick remedy for those sore gums. Sometimes, that remedy is mommy’s skin! I remember Z gumming me incessantly for months. And it was no fun! Even with no teeth yet, it still hurt. I had bruises all over!

That’s why I feel I should’ve known known about the Teething Beads before!


It’s made of 100% silicone and does not contain PVC, phthalates, BPA, lead, cadmium or metals. Even with Z’s teeth, he can’t bite off a piece so it is very durable and safe. It also goes well with any outfit, so mommies can still stay chic! We keep it clean using Cradle’s Toy and Surface Cleaner, as with all of Z’s toys. For immediate cleaning like when we are out of the house and Z dropped the Teething Bling, I use a sanitizing wipe I got from National Bookstore.

Blinged out!

Teething Beads are available as a necklace (around Php 300) or bracelet (around Php 150). For orders, please call Mommy Margie Lirazan at 0917-8120525 or Mommy Maylee De Guzman at 0917-5510422.



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