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Da Vinci’s Workshop

Leonardo Da Vinci is not called the Renaissance Man for nothing. Aside from his famous paintings like The Last Supper and Mona Lisa, he was also well-versed in music, architecture, math, engineering and botany among others. He was an inventor and most of his three-dimensional artworks were basis for modern science. Indeed, he was well ahead of his time; a man of numerous talents, a veritable virtuoso.

Now, the Filipinos need not travel to the Louvre Museum to be able to witness Da Vinci’s inventions and artworks. SM Family Entertainment Center Inc. (FECI), in partnership with Aurea International Exhibits of Argentina brought the first ever Da Vinci’s Workshop in the country! This exhibit features 64 moving and dynamic displays, as well as some of his notable paintings. An exciting aspect to this exhibit is that the displays are interactive, giving the visitors a glimpse on how Da Vinci’s mind worked!

These are examples of what you’ll see on display:

Kids and the kids at heart alike will surely enjoy this world-class feature! This extraordinary event is at The Exhibit Hall, 2nd Level South Side Entertainment Mall SM Mall of Asia. It has been opened since July of this year and will continue until January 2014. Plan your visit now!

Da Vinci’s Workshop

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2 replies on “Da Vinci’s Workshop”

wow! i wish an event like that could visit Cebu someday.. I envy you and to those who will have that one of a kind chance to see DaVinci’s craft in their bold eyes.. haha enjoy guys!

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