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Tantrum Over Mochiko

I have this habit of bringing Z to a toy store without buying him anything. And he’s fine with that. There was never a time that he cried wanting to bring home something. He would be okay with playing with some of the toys and will wave goodbye once I say time is up.

But yesterday was different.

While we were walking on the 5th floor of Shangri La Mall to go home, we passed by the Mochiko Stall. He stood there, maybe amazed by the colors. I let him stare. He was motioning for me to get one.

But I didn’t have enough money!!!

Then came the major tantrum of Z’s life! Over food!!!

I tried to give him his snack but he refused. He even threw the toys I was trying to distract him with. He cried all the way home.

I didn’t bother talking to him while he was crying. I just let him cry. I didn’t mind if there were other people looking, but I was trying to instill some discipline to my child. When we got home, I nursed him. He calmed down and that’s when I told him my reasons for not buying what he wanted. I don’t know if he understood but I think he still felt mad because he just slept.

I was thinking, that maybe if I had the money, I would’ve given in to his demand. I found out that the day before, he led his Dada to the stall to buy one as well. We don’t even know how he knew that those were yummy food items haha!

I now welcome myself to the Terrible Two’s!

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