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Breastfeeding My 22 Month Old


Please excuse my after-shower hair!

Yes, that is Z nursing, while standing! He can even breastfeed while I’m hunched on my back. The once oh-so-comfortable cradle position, has now shifted to one leg up my neck style. I guess, with mobility comes the license to experiment with new nursing positions! Well, as long as we’re both comfortable, I guess it’s ok!


They say that the breast milk changes its taste depending on what the mom ate. Since Z started solids, I’ve been giving him the usuals — fruit, veggies, chicken, milk, you name it, I think we’ve tried it. He’s never rejected anything (yet). My MIL even fed him lansones and he munched on them like chips! We even tried letting him taste spicy sardines and he liked it! I really credit breastfeeding for his openness to any taste.

Extra Loose-Neck Tops

In line with mobility, his hands are extra fast in pulling my shirt up or down to get his milk! So yeah, most of my shirts are now cowl neck tops.


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We’re both still enjoying our nursing sessions, but there are days that he only nurses when he’s sleepy. He can even be away from me for more than 3 hours without making a fuss. I’m hoping we can go for 3 years but it’s still his call, and if I won’t get pregnant then. Breast is best, no matter what age!



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