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Z Loves: Kinder Joy Eggs

As what my tita’s friend said “it is chocolate and a toy, what’s not to love?!”


Z discovered these eggs through YouTube. And I find myself amused with the collectors who take time to review these stuff. So when he saw the Kinder Joy Eggs at Rustan’s Supermarket, he went crazy! And started to put them in the cart. It retails for Php. 45.00 for those asking. Upon opening one, I can say that he’s more interested with the chocolate than the toy. I tried to take a video while we were opening an egg but we weren’t that successful hihi! Anyway, maybe if the toy were familiar characters to him, he’d be happier. But those come in special eggs as what one of the collectors said in a video. If you like Kinder Bueno, then you’ll like the chocolate that comes with the eggs as they are from the same makers.

Just a word of caution, the toys come in really small pieces hence the 3+ label. My tita also told me that these eggs are banned in the US because of its choking hazard. A fine of more than a thousand dollars is at stake when you are caught.

It’s fun to know that a lot of other kids also watch these egg unwrapping videos as well! My son is not alone in his quirks!

EDIT: These eggs are Kinder Joy. It’s a totally different variant from Kinder Surprise. Thank you to Gingersnap for pointing it out!

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This was from Rustan’s Supermarket in Shangri La Mall. We also buy from Mercury and 7-11! Others say there are Kinder Surprise in Landmark and Hi-Top πŸ™‚ I hope this helps!

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