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Z Goes to Baler

It was a long weekend and the husband’s friends wanted to catch some waves. So off we went to Baler, Aurora for Z’s first beach trip! I admit, I was excited and scared at the same time. I’m not really a beach kind of person; my last time at the beach was back in 2010. And going to a new place seems a little daunting for someone who needs to have a plan at everything (me!!!). The ever-reliable husband did his research and assured me that things will go smoothly, and if it doesn’t, then it will be a learning experience for him, me and Z!

The 6-hour trip going there was a breeze since Z was asleep the whole trip since we were on the road at 4 AM. Going back to the city was a different story because he just woke up from his nap, just when we were about to leave. Good thing we had Toy Story 3 and Cars playing during the trip, it helped him settle down in his seat. I also made sure he had different choices of snacks and drinks during the car ride. Of course, nursing him was the surest way of keeping him from being fussy!

I was really wary of how Z will react to this new environment. He is really sensitive about new textures, he does not like getting dirty and to be honest, he was feverish the day before our trip! But we still went and just made sure we got all the medicine we needed. His first encounter with the sand went like this:

He was asking me to get the sand off of him! It was too cute! He was shaking his feet and hands to get it off! I think he liked playing with the water better!

After a good 45-minute play in the water, Z got washed off and slept – NOT! I think the fresh air and a little sunshine, both of which he doesn’t get much in the city, actually did him good! After his bath, his temperature went down and was hyper as ever! It was as if he wasn’t lethargic a few hours before.

The second day was better for him and for us. He stayed busy playing with the sand. He was also running around and trying to fool us that he will go straight to the water. Whenever he was in the water, he’d want the waves to go over him!

So, it was really a good first beach experience for Z! And for the husband and I as well. I suggest not rushing the kids if they’re really not ready. Some kids just take a little time getting used to. I also learned about Sand Puff which will help your child get familiar with the new texture. Sand toys will also make for a good activity. We got ours from Toys R’ Us for only Php. 300++.

We stayed at Aliya Surf Camp. The husband warned me not to expect anything since it really is just a place where surfers sleep and wait for the waves. Upon seeing the rates, I knew he had good reasons to tell me the disclaimer (hehe!). We had a room good for 3 people since our helper was with us. It was spacious enough for Z to jump and run as he watched Hi-5 on Disney Junior! Yep, the room had Cignal TV and the entire place was on Wi-Fi! They also had cold and hot showers but their pillows could use a little more fluff. It’s really a good thing that I brought an extra pillow and blanket to make it feel more like home (for me than for Z!).

Souvenir shop

Surprisingly, for a place like this, their in-house restaurant served really good food! It was that good that the guests from the other resorts go there to eat. The menu ranged from appetizers like calamares, mojos and cheese sticks to main courses like sinigang, sizzling squid, buttered chicken to beer match like sisig and pizza! Yup, I got to order a lot (thankfully, I wasn’t intending to wear a bikini!). I would just suggest investing on a high chair since little kids are all over the place. Or maybe we should buy our own booster seat already. 

The beef was so tender!
Cheeseburger Pizza!!!

 It truly was one fun weekend at the beach. I’ll be blogging about our beach essentials next time. I can’t wait to go on a trip with my boys again!

2 replies on “Z Goes to Baler”

Hi there! I actually thought of going to Baler too for Ziggy’s first beach trip last summer. I was eyeing Aliya Surf Camp too. I changed my mind and decided on Canyon Cove in Batangas instead because it’s nearer. Haha! But now that you’ve written some nice things about the place and your whole beach experience there, I’m thinking of going there na next summer. Haha!

Hi Janice! It’s really nice there… not too many people din during the time we came. My only problem was the high chair hihi but I think Ziggy does not use one anymore?!

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